Aztec/ Incan/ Mayan

  • Jan 3, 1428

    Aztec Political

    Triple alliance joined with 2 city states, military leaders, need great power in Aztec society.
  • Mar 9, 1430

    Aztec Economic

    Contolled extensive trade network the economic heart of the city was the huge market of Tatelolco
  • Aug 9, 1435

    Aztec Cultural/Social

    Religion played a major role the most important rituals involved the sun God it Hitzilopchiti. They think he made the sun rise everyday, only nourished by human blood,
  • Dec 9, 1438

    incan politcal

    System of government based on age-old patterns of community cooperation small groups of people called dylly worked for the common good. built irrigation canalse agrucyltural ferraces
  • Dec 9, 1439

    incan economy

    incan state controlled most economic activity regulating the production and distrbtuion of goods. land was organized into upper and lower geographical units
  • Dec 9, 1440

    incan culture

    religion helped reinforce the power of the state. incan worshiped fewer gods than the aztecs.