Aztec, Inca, Maya

  • 250


    The Classic Period of Maya culture began in about 250 CE and lasted until about 900. Technically
  • Period: 250 to


  • Dec 8, 1000


    By 1000 BCE, and probably earlier, the Maya were already practicing a form of village-based agriculture and growing corn, beans, chile peppers, and squash.
  • Dec 7, 1200

    The aztecz arrive.

    The aztecs arived in the valley of mexico around A.D 1200.
  • Period: Dec 8, 1200 to Dec 8, 1521


  • Dec 8, 1250

    Inca language

    The Inca did not use a written language, so accounts of Incan history are based on oral histories passed down by the Inca and then recorded by Spaniards after the Spanish conquest.
  • Dec 8, 1250


    In the century before the Spaniards arrived in the New World, the Inca of South America created an empire that eventually included large parts of what are now Ecuador, Peru, and Chile, as well as territory in Argentina and Boliv
  • Period: Dec 8, 1400 to Dec 8, 1532

    South america(Inca)

  • Dec 8, 1500

    By the early 1500s, Tenochtitlan had become an extraordinary urban center.

  • Dec 8, 1532


    Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro captured Atahualpa in 1532óbringing the great Inca Empire to its knees.
  • In 1325, they founded their city, which they named Tenochtitlan.

  • Maya

    Tikal was one of the largest and most influential cities of the Maya Empire and was abandoned around 900 CE.