August 19,1999

By T Leabu
  • Birth

    In 1999, in the house my mom and dad where liveing in at the time, I was born, at home with a midwife.
  • Period: to

    my life

  • I started preschool

  • I got an agent

    On this date, I got a tv agent, so I could start acting.
  • I went to Australia

    On the 12th of March in 2005, my mom, dad and I all took an airplane to Australia to film a movie called Superman Returnes.
  • I filmed While the Children Sleep

    I filmed a lifetime movie.
  • I moved to palm desert

    I moved from silverlake to palm desert
  • The best thing in the world happend, Aria was born

    My little sister was born, and that completed my life.
  • I filmed Least Among Saints

    I filmed a great movie that will come out over the summer.
  • I moved to pasadena from palm desert

    I moved frome the worst place on earth to one of the best.
  • I came to Aveson

    On this day, I met my two best friends, Oscar A. and Oscar H.
  • I filmed A White Trash Christmas Carol

    I filmed a great movie that will come out this christmas.
  • I started guitar

    My best friend, Oscar Hood, got me into playing guitar, and I've been playing ever since.
  • I made this timeline

    I made it.....