2013 clip art


By ghe5
  • I was born

    I was born on January 16,2002 in New Jersey at twelve o'clock am. My mom was really happy and named me Audrey.
  • went to Disney World

    I went to Disney World with my family. We stayed there for 5 days. I thought that the rides were really fun.
  • Moved here from New Jersey

    I moved here from New Jersey becouase my mom's company move here and she had to go with it. My dad drove the car and my mom and me rode the airplane. We didn't carry the big stuff to the airplane because it was to big so we got some one else to do it. When we got to North Carolina were lived in a aprtment because our house wasn't built yet. our stuff got here one week later.
  • I started school

    I finally started school. I was really excited. My teachers name was Ms.Difonzo. I thought she was really nice. Kindergarten was really fun. Therer were many fun toys there. I thought it was really fun.
  • Moved to our new house

    The builders finished building our house and we moved in it. The house had three stories and was really big. First it was empty but after we filled it with furniture it looked a bit better.
  • We went to Mrytle Beach

    Me and my friends went to Myrtle beach. We lived in a hotel next to the beach. We stayed there for four days. On the third day it was the Independence Day and we went to a nearby waterpark.
  • Brother was born

    My brother was born in Raliegh at 7 o'clock pm. My mom named him Alex. I was happy.
  • I went skiing

    I went skiing with my friends at the North Carolina Mountains. We always went down a very steep hill that was alot of fun. We rented a house and we all lived in it. There was also a zipline. You would start really high and then then come down fast. We went to this tube thing where you sat in a tube and went down a hill.
  • started fourth grade

    I started fourth grade. My fourth grade teacher was my third grade teacher,Ms.Nichols. She is very strict. Either way I was gald I didn't have one of those very strict ones.
  • Went on a Cruise

    I went on a Cruise to the Bahama's. We started out in Florida and after two days we got to the Bahama's. We stayed there for one day and moved to another part of the Bahama's. On the Cruise the food was really good. The water slide there was really fun.
  • I went to Busch Gardens

    I went to Busch gardens with my family. We went on many rides and they were really fun. My favorite ride was Apollo's Chariot. I alco went on many other rides.
  • Started fifth grade

    I started fifth grade. My teacher is Ms. Barksdale. She is very nice. Fifth grade is really fun.