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Atticus Finch

  • Birth

    Atticus Finch is born
  • Home is Where the Heart is

    Atticus grows up in Finches’ Landing, but leaves to go to law school
  • Loss of a Wife

    Loss of a Wife
    On this date, Atticus Finch's wife died, leaving Atticus to tend to two children.
  • Children to look after

    After Atticus's wife died he now has to look after Jem and Scout Finch with the help from Calpurnia, an African American househand.
  • Rudeness is Not a Key Quality

    After Calpurnia chews Scout out for being rude to Walter Cunningham, Scout tells Atticus to get rid of her, but Atticus tells her to do what Calpurnia tells her
  • No Reading, Well Dad Says Different

    When Scout comes home depressed because her teacher says she can’t read with Atticus anymore, Atticus tells her they can still do so long as she doesn’t tell the teacher
  • No Game, Especially not one about Boo

    When Atticus sees the kids playing the Radley game, he doesn’t tell them to stop, but he makes his disapproval clear
  • Snow brings Fire

    On the night of Maycomb’s first snowfall in years, Atticus wakes up his kids because Miss Maudie’s house is on fire
  • Robinson Christmas Case

    Atticus talks to Uncle Jack about the Robinson case, knowing that Scout is listening from around the corner
  • Anger leads to life lesson about Courage

    When Jem destroys Mrs. Dubose's camellias, Atticus not only makes him go back and apologize, he also makes him do as Mrs. Dubose wishes and read to her every afternoon.
    After Mrs. Dubose dies, Atticus tells the kids that she was a morphine addict trying to get clean before she died, and talks about her courage.
  • The End of Freedom for Tom

    After the guilty verdict, Atticus leaves the courtroom alone, and the African-Americans in the balcony stand up to honor him. After the trial, Atticus is bitter, but he hopes to win the case on appeal. Bob Ewell is also bitter, threatening Atticus in public and spitting in his face.
  • Tea interrupted with Death

    One day Atticus comes home in the middle of one of Aunt Alexandra’s tea parties with bad news: Tom has been shot and killed while trying to escape from prison.
    Atticus takes Calpurnia and goes to break the news to Helen Robinson, Tom’s wife.
  • Jem and the Possible Trial

    Atticus at first wants Jem to undergo legal proceedings for stabbing Ewell because he doesn’t want it to seem like he’s covering anything up, but Heck Tate convinces him that whatever happened, taking the case to court would mean publicity for Boo, which would be a sin
  • El Finale (The Ending)

    After Scout walks Boo home, Atticus reads to her at her request until she falls asleep.
    Atticus stays with the sleeping Jem all night, until he wakes up in the morning.
  • Tom Robinson Case

    Atticus goes to court to defend Tom Robinson.
    Atticus gets Tate to give him the facts that he needs, manages not to laugh at Bob Ewell, questions Mayella in order to try to save his client, and lets Tom tell his story in his own words.