Atreyu's Timeline

  • My dad moved to Charlotte

    My dad moved to Charlotte, NC from New York, NY to go to college at UNCC. He went there to study business management.
  • My mom comes to the United States

    This is the first time that my mom came to the United States, she was moving here to be with my dad. This was her first time leaving her home country of The Philippines.
  • My brother is born

    My brother was born almost 2 years before me. He was my parent's first child. He is also the first grandchild on my dad's side and the second on my mom's side.
  • My family moved into our first house

    My mom, dad, and brother moved into our first house Concord. We ended up living here for a little over 15 years. Our family grew up in this house and made a lot of memories here.
  • My birth

    This is the day that I was born. I am the youngest child of my parents and the youngest grandchild on my dad's side, but the third oldest on my mom's side.
  • My First Day of School

    I started school at Carl A. Furr Elementary, This was my first time going to any type of school since I didn't go to preschool.
  • I Started Playing Football

    I started playing football, I played on the same team as my brother and played wide receiver. I wore number 15 and was in 1st grade at the time. Our team name was the volunteers.
  • Start of Middle School

    6th grade might have been the weirdest year for me. Almost all of the friends that I made that year I am no longer in touch with and I had a lot of people to talk to, but not many quality friends.
  • I Started Playing Basketball

    The first basketball team I was on, was also with my brother. I don't remember much about it, but I do know that we did not have a good coach. Our team name was the spiders.
  • Trip to the Philippines

    Though I had been once before, this was the first time that I could remember. I met a lot of my family on my mom's side fir the first time and I saw a lot of cool things being there for 2 months.
  • Start of 5th Grade

    This was my favorite year of school that I have had. I made a lot of friends that I am still in contact with. I made so many memories and school was still easy for me at this time.
  • Start of 6th grade

    6th grade was my weirdest year of school. Almost all of the friends I made in 6th grade, I no longer talk to and I did a lot of weird things in 6th grade. This year felt the least like myself.
  • Starting IB

    This was one of the big decisions I made in high school so far and is something that is continuously challenging me and making me a better student. It was not something that I knew anything about when I first started going to school there,
  • First Middle School Football Game

    In 7th grade, I played football just because I wanted to get out of class early and just be on the team. I liked football, but I liked basketball a lot more. I had fun playing, but really waited for basketball season.
  • First Middle School Basketball Game

    Basketball was my favorite sport at the time, even though I wasn't too good at it, I liked playing and had a lot of fun, but did not like the coach.
  • Start of 8th grade football

    This was when I really started to like football. I found out that I wasn't too bad at it and was a captain of the team. I got MVP and even though we were 1-7 I had a lot of fun and saw my hard work pay off personally.
  • Getting into West Cabarrus

    This I think was the biggest decision I have made so far. Not only did I make the choice to go to a new school, I was not at school with my brother like I thought I would be, and being in the aviation academy helped me pick a career path that I actually want to be in.
  • Last Day of 8th Grade

    This was our last day of 8th grade, but not as scheduled. I remember a lot of details about this day down to the music that I was listening to.
  • Start of High School

    This new beginning for myself was already something different, but to be starting in the middle of a pandemic and online was very tough. After having so much time off, I found it harder to study and communicate with the people around me.
  • Football Season Freshman Year

    This is when I really started to love football. I was always trying to get better and with it being something new to be able to help start a program was something that was exciting to me. I was always excited to learn more and be at practice with all the people I liked on the team.