Assignment #5 CLSC 104

  • 163

    Gaius Octavius was born

    Future Augustus to rule Rome
  • 263

    Unity of Tribes in Italy

    Rome united the tribes of central and southern Italy through a series of treaties, creating and expanding the Roman Empire. Male citizens of the different tribes were even allowed to become citizens of Rome.
  • Rome Becomes a republic

    Rome abolishsed its monarchy and was replaced by an aristocracy with democracy. The Roman constitution was written through much compromise and became a set of complicated laws with unwritten understandings.
  • Caesar becomes counsel

    Became counsel through help of the pact of the First Triumvirate, who became the unofficial rulers of Rome due to their wealth and influence on voters. Caesar pushed legislation through the system unconstitutionally throughout his career.
  • Ceaser defeats Gaul and Pompey

    After very successful military conquests in Rome, Caesar was voted dictator of Rome and won, leading to another journey for Caesar to defeat his long time rival: Pompey. This ended in another great victory, Caesar's nomination as dictator, and the uprising of Gaius Octavius onto the political scene.