Ashley Vue

  • The day I became

    The day I became
    I was born in Broomfield, Colorado. I was born to Sunny and Mai Vue.
  • Moved to MN

    Moved to MN
    Click HereMoved from Broomfield to Tracy, MN. I was only 2 when we moved,
  • The day I met my baby sister

    The day I met my baby sister was
    My sister was finally born. She was so cute, then she grew up to be a big brat!
  • Getting tubes in my ear

    Getting tubes in my ear
    Click Here I had hearing problems, so i needed to get tubes put into my ears. All i remember is falling asleep because of the grape smell.
  • A horrible thing

    A horrible thing
    My house I accidently pushed my sister out the window. I gave her a scar on her head. This all happened when my parents were away, and grandma was to watch us.
  • A horrible thing 2

    A horrible thing 2
    Click here My grandma thought I had went missing, meanwhile i was having fun at a friends house. Uncle called the police, i came home to big trouble. ):
  • Trip to Florida

    Trip to Florida
    Click Here
    I was 6 Years old. Going to Disney was the best feeling ever in the world.
  • Trip to SD

    Trip to SD
    Click Here Family trip to go site-seeing. A family reunion; visited the badlands, Mt. Rushmore, a cave(don't know the name), an old 80's town.
  • Dance

    Click here for more My first time being in dance and tumbling. I was nervous, but it turned out I was pretty good. Then i quit after 3 years.
  • Grandmas Funeral ):

    Grandmas Funeral ):
    Click Here The saddest day of my life. Losing someone you love, and gre up with. May you rest in peace.
  • 12th Birthday

    12th Birthday
    Click Here Went bowling with some friends to celebrate my birthday. Played 2 rounds and then went to Applebee's to eat.
  • Graduation. Finally a 7th Grader

    Graduation. Finally a 7th Grader
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    I'm finally going of to Jr. High. No more going to Elementry, finally considered to be a "teen".
  • ~Crusie~

    Click Here Going on a cruise ship for the first time. I had many great memories, made no new friends. Got to see many new places and learn many new things. :)
  • Got my first Pedicure

    Got my first Pedicure
    Click Here Went out for Mother's Day. Spent the day with my lovely mother and 2 aunties. Had a great day, then off to Applebee's to have lunch.
  • Wild Thing

    Wild Thing
    Click here for more It was my first time riding the wild thing at valleyfair. I was so scared i would fall off, and i would die. I closed my eyes for the first part and enjoyed the rest of the ride.