Arslan Aslam Timeline

  • Birth

    Was Born in Lahore,Pakistan
  • Period: to

    First 2 Years

    o Biosocial • Most time spent sleeping• By 4 or 5 months will respond to name being called• Gross motor skills developed • By the age of 2 weight is around 30 lbs and 3 ft tallo Cognitive • Have a very short attention span• Never spent a more than a few minutes with a single toy• Want to put everything in my mouth • Would find toys that were hidden• Develop speecho Psychosocial Skills• Being able to recognize people seen often • Being able to ask for toys, food, et
  • Period: to

    Play Years

    • Significant Events• Father died from heart attack when I was 4 years old • My mother, sister and I moved from Pakistan to Novi, MI 6 months after fathers death.• Lived with family for the time being.• Biosocial• Monitoring behavior improves• Started going to pre-school• Objects are used as bedtime companionso Teddy bearso Blankets• Can experience nightmares when sleepingo I had a few nightmares when I was this age, not many that I can remember• Was introduced to basketballo I love
  • Fathers Death

  • Moved to Michigan from Pakistan

  • Period: to

    School Years

    • Biosocial• Major changes in social behavior• Children tend to be obese/overweight• Symptoms of ADD/ADHD may occur at this age• Growth can slow down at this age• Age group 7-11 years• Gain 5-7 pounds a year and 2 in heighto Was taller than normalo Was told by my 1st grade teacher “every time she blinks I grow and inch or two”• Cognitive• Can reason logically about situations• Intellectual development occurs in this stage of life• Ability to ignore distractions and concentrate on rel
  • Period: to


    • Biosocial• Ages 11-19• Age when puberty begins• Increase in testosterone• Growth in height and muscle tone• Become more aware of body imageo Bought clothes similar to what kids were wearingo Bleached the top of my head blonds because it was the “cool things” to do at the time • Self-esteem issues• Deeper voice• Cognitive• Ability to think about logical relationships o Interest in girls began• Transition from concrete thinking to more complex thoughts• Ability to apply logic to pe
  • Period: to


    • Biosocial • The brain slows down as we age• Neurons fire more slowly• Multitasking become more difficult • Behavior might change• Hair turns gray• Muscles weaken • Cognitive• Thinking more creatively • Trying to achieve goals • Trying to be one your own• Think in a more efficient way• Psychosocial• Awareness that you are becoming old• mid-life crisis• open to new experiences• easygoing• wanting to settle down
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    • Age 60 and older• Biosocial• Will develop Ageismo Prejudice which people are categorized and judged solely on the basis of their chronological age• Will speak in shorter sentences, repeat myself and talk at a slower rate• Will suffer from certain medical conditions o Arthritiso Heart diseaseo Memory problems• Cognitive• Reactions slow down• Sensory memory declines• Ability to multitask declines• Areas of expertise stay in tact• Vocabulary increases• Psychosocial• Have a tenden
  • Death