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  • The day I was born.

  • Daycare/ Preschool

    I started daycare and it was also preschool.
  • Dad Cheated

    My dad cheated on my mom and left both of us.
  • Abuse

    Saw mom get physically and mentally abused till the age of four.
  • Moved

    I moved with my aunt at the age of four
  • Kindergarden

    Started kindergarden
  • Mom left

    Mom moved and I never knew. She didn't tell me for months.
  • met best friend.

    I met my best friend in 5th grade who has helped me through a lot.
  • Dad came back

    Dad randomly showed up in my life then about a month later left again.
  • 6th grade

  • Moved

    Moved with mom.
  • Started drinking

    Beginning of 8th I started drinking.
  • Unperscribed pills

    Started taking unperscribed pills
  • Fight

    Started fighting everyday with my aunt we were always fighting never stopped.
  • Wasted.

    Started drinking more and more wasted everynight.
  • started 9th grade.

  • Drinks

    Mom drank everynight.
  • Met new people

  • bad things.

    End of freshman year ended up in psych ward for taking 20 ibprufens and half a bottle of depression meds.
  • Sophtmore year

    Last time in psych ward. I ended up at a 1.75 alcohol level. With alcohol poisoning.
  • threatened

    Almost had to go to residential placement
  • Moved back with mom

    Moved back with mom started senior year.
  • graduate.

  • 18 to 24 college

    College for psychology
  • 25-28 meet new people

  • get married

  • start family

  • Get a spider monkey

  • School

    See kids get into highschool.
  • 50

    see kids graduate and start their famlies.