Essay questions

Argumentative Essay Assignment

  • In Class Brainstorming

    In Class Brainstorming
    I will introduce the assignment with the class and together, we will brianstorm ideas for good topics for the assignment.
  • Submit Your Topic

    Submit Your Topic
    Select a topic that you are passionate about and interested in. The more the topic intrests you, the easier the assignment will be.
  • Opening paragraph due

    Opening paragraph due
    Present to me your opening paragraph. Make sure that your opening paragraph has a strong thesis in it somewhere.
  • Rough Draft Due

    Rough Draft Due
    Bring rough draft into class. Be prepared to turn it in at the beginning of class.
  • In Class Editing project

    In Class Editing project
    I will give you back your rough drafts and we will spend the entire class time editing the papers.
  • Final Paper is Due

    Final Paper is Due
    Turn in your papers at the beginning of class.