2013 clip art


By ghe5
  • The day I was born!

    I was born in Rex hosipital NC 6:00 AM.
  • First time to Disney World

    First time to Disney World
    On this day it was the first time I had went to Disney World. I had a lot of fun with my friends and family. My favorite place to go was universaval studios.
  • The first time I had went to India

    The first time I had went to India
    I went to India for the first time! I was going to meet my mom's parents and my dad's parents for the first time. When I was in India I was standing on top of the Bezawada bidge which was on top of the Krishna river.
  • School!!

    My first going to school. I was starting preschool for the first time!!!!
  • Solo Dance

    The first time I did my solo dance. I was so scared and frightened because I had never done that before.But my dance was a hit!!!
  • intervied

    When I got interveid on TV when I was dancing. I was doing my second best solo dance and the news interviewed me.

    I had started fifth grade! I am the queen of the school! I am almost in the first year of middle school. The school I go to right now is Green Hope Elementary school. My teacher is Mrs.Barksdale!!