Angela Kauffman

  • Born

    I came into this world on April 3rd 1979 to my Mother Paula Weber and Father Patrick Weber. I already had a sister named Jade
  • Birth Information

    I weighed 8lbs 11oz 21inches long and was born C Section.
  • Sleeping through the night? I think not!

    At only being 1 month old I was not sleeping through the night like my Mom would have liked me too but I am cooing and giving her much joy.
  • 2 Months into life

    I am making all kinds of new sounds, moving my arms and legs like crazy and just trying to do my own thing.
  • Eating cereal

    It is Fourth of July and Mom and Dad decided they were going to try and give me some baby cereal for the first time to try and get me to sleep better through the night.
  • Trying to Move Forward and Babbling on......

    I have conquered rolling over and trying to get somewhere fast by rolling and rolling and rolling. I am a talker well babbler anyway, who knew I would start talking and never stop?
  • Mama and Dada

    I started to be more vocal and said Dada before Mama but needless to say I am talking alot more and babbling vowels and more.
  • It's army crawl time

    I started army crawling at this point in time and everyone thought it was the funniest thing ever. Mom figured I would wear my elbows out but I still have them. So I am moving around and ready to explore the world.
  • 8months old

    Mom decided I have a temper and she can't figure out if it's like Dad's or if it because I am an Aries? If I don't get what I want I I am not a happy baby.
  • Happy Brithday

    Happy first Birthday! I have turned one year old today and I was taught to sing "Happy Birthday" to myself.
  • Saying No and shaking my head

    Saying "NO" seems to be my favorite word to say and I learned to shake my head at the same time.
  • Walking

    At almost 14 months old I started walking and getting into everything I could reach.
  • Messy eater

    I like to feed myself, although I am a very messy eater I get the job done. At this point in time my favorite food is green beans.
  • Moving faster and talking up a storm!

    I like to try and run around, it is full speed ahead. Mom and Dad think I forgot how to walk because I run all over the place and not too graceful either. I am also talking up a storm.
  • Turkey Day!

    This was our first family trip to Detroit to see the Thanksgiving Parade!
  • Dance Dance Dance

    At age 4 I started Dance with my Sister and loved it.
  • School days

    I started Kindergarten in Plymouth/Canton school district at Tanger Elementary.
  • Best friends forever

    This is when I realized that I had discovered my Best friend, we both wore a cabbage patch costume for Halloween. We are still Best friends to this day!
  • Moving

    This was a hard point even at an early age, but my Mom decided we were moving and we wouldn't be going to the same school which meant I was being seperated from my Best friend, but we still managed that friendship.
  • New school, new friends and new home

    I still remember my new school and new teacher like it was yesterday. Her name was Mrs. breed and she loved Teddy Bears. On my Birthday she gave me a Teddy Bear. We were adjusting just fine in the new surroundings.
  • Girl Scouts

    I think Girl Scouts was an important time in my life where I met friends and was able to help out in small ways to the community.
  • School and set back

    I went to Bird Elementary til 4th Grade and then moved again, this was yet another social set back.
  • 4th grade move

    My Mom bought a house and we had to move again which meant moving schools again, this was hard as to losing friends and making new ones again. I did find some great friends at the new school and adjusted but still wished we didn't move so much.
  • Middle School Fun!

    Middle school has begun fortunately I stayed in the same middle school, although I didn't make some great choices and got into some trouble with hanging with the wrong crowd I made it.
  • Canton High School

    Oh Boy Canton High School! I was excited to go to the high school but once I got into that huge school I was so afraid of everything going on around me it sent me into a downward spin and I ended up not doing well at all my Freshman year.
  • Movin in with Dad

    Well High School was a flop but I still went and still kept trying to succeed in anyones eyes. I moved into my Dads house in a last attempt to try and save myself.
  • Moving yet once again!

    Well my Dad decided to move to Houghton Lake and I am going with him. Little did I know this was the best thing that could ever happen to me.
  • New school new town

    I started school and have to repeat 9th grade but I am in new surroundings and happy as ever.
  • High School Sweet Heart

    I met my High School sweet heart at Houghton Lake High School that was one good thing to moving to a new city and new school.
  • Doing great Honor Roll! Success!

    I made the Honor Roll! I went from being at a huge school from a school with only 300 kids at it to getting straight E's to getting straight A's and Honor roll student! Success
  • Jr year in High School

    This was the start to my Jr year in High School! I had different things going on with home and school so this was thought to be a tough year but I made it work
  • Moved out

    I moved out on my own and still a Jr in High School! Knowing that I could mess everything up, I decided the home situation was way to stressful and needed to focus on school.
  • My first Jobs

    I finished my Jr year in High School and got my first job at an ice cream parlor in Houghton Lake and was busing tables at a resturant. This was a big time cause I had never had to work before.
  • Senior Year 1997

    Wow my Senior year! There was alot of doubts about this year, I moved in with a friend and her parents and things were going smoothly, still on the honor roll and moving forward. My friend ended up having a baby and I ended up being the one to take care of her and go to school. This was hard but stepping up was a sacafice I made.
  • Graduation

    Graduation Day! Wow it was a long journey but I made it and my parents were proud. They all came together to celebrate. Proud moment in life.
  • To warmer grounds

    My friend and I decided after graduation that we were going on a roadtrip to Florida. We stayed with some other friends and enjoyed the warm weather for about 3 months.
  • Moving back home

    Moved back to Michigan and decided it was time to get into College and do something with my life.
  • Starting our own business

    My Highschool sweet heart Andy and I decided we were going to start our own car detailing business.
  • Business going well

    Our business went well we had all the car dealers on Michigan Ave. giving us their cars to detail.
  • Surprise we are expecting!

    Surprise getting sick every morning isn't normal, you are pregnant! Oh My at 19 years old, can we beat the odds?
  • Its a Boy!

    We found out we were having a boy ! Due date April 1999
  • It's my Birthday and I am in Labor!

    It's my Birthday, why do I have to share? In labor with my first child, we named him Alexander James he was 8lbs 12oz and 20.5 inches long! I am happy to share my Birthday!
  • Moving!!

    We moved to Rochester hills to be closer to Andy's job..... Crazy enough we moved and the next day he fell off the roof and broke both feet, we are out of commision as of now.
  • Broken feet healed!

    Broken feet are as healed as they are going to be, I had to get a job and Andy decided he was going to school to become a Master Carpenter. Alex is doing great he is almost one years old.
  • Happy 1st Birthday Alex and Happy 20th to Me!

    We had a huge party at my Moms and celebrated our Birthdays together. Alex can walk and sing Happy Birthday!
  • Guess what?

    We are expecting again.... This time hoping for a Girl but, we will be happy with a healthy baby.
  • Marriage?

    We have decided we are going to get married after we have our second child in April 2001.
  • Moving again!

    Moving to Houghton Lake to find yet more work and raise the family.
  • It's a boy again!

    We are having another BOY! Excited to have a healthy baby coming into our lives.
  • Wedding Plans

    We have decided on a date of August 11, 2001 We are excited!
  • 2nd baby joining our family

    Good morning sunshine I am glad you came into this world, Austin James Friday April 13th 2001
  • Builders license

    Andy went and took the Builders License test and passed it was a long 30 day wait to hear the results but passes both portions of the test!
  • Ring in one hand baby in the other!

    We got married on Aug 11, 2001. Alex and Austin both were in the wedding, although Austin was only 4 months old. This was the best wedding we both had ever been too.
  • Honeymoon

    Honeymoon vacation and roadtrip NO kids allowed! We drove to New York and went site seeing for 5 days! Lots of fun and lots of traffic.
  • 911

    911 The terror of the attacks on the Twin Towers. This was crazy to see for us because we were just there a month ago, we have pictures.
  • Moving back to my hometown

    Plymouth, Michigan and I couldn't wait to be back with my family and friends!
  • Oh I love being home!

    I love being home and being with my family and my friends I grew up with.
  • New Job

    Andy landed a great job with a construction company.
  • Summer Time

    I started working for my Moms daycare and brought the kids with me to make some extra cash.
  • 1st Anniversary

    We were all excited over our first Anniversary, little did we know that we didn't have anyone to watch the boys so we decided to do dinner at home!
  • Thanksgiving Parade!

    The start to our new family tradition! Going to the Parade in Detroit! This was alot of fun, a little bit chilly but we decided we would prepare better for the next year!
  • Things are going great

    Andy and I both had jobs and the kids were getting big! This was the life that everyone always wished for and we had it right in our hands, what more could we ask for?
  • Stay at home Mom! YAY

    After cafeful thought we decided I should become a stay at home Mom again, I was alright with this decision since we did have Alex who was going to start Kindergarten in the Fall.
  • Florida Bound!

    This was our first trip to Florida! We ended up driving because Andy doesn't like to fly, surprising enough the kids did great for a 19 hour drive!
  • Start of a new Carrer?

    I was messing around on the internet and found the USPS site where they were looking for mail carriers, so I decided to put in my request.
  • My baby is in Kindergarten!

    Alex started Kindergarten
  • Test for the USPS

    I received the mail and my test to get into the Post Office was scheduled and ready to go. I couldn't wait! I ended up passing my test and waiting for a Post Office to pick me!
  • South Lyon it was

    South Lyon it was, that is where I would be working! How exciting I got a Government job.
  • Work was tough

    Phew work was tough but I was called the Super Star of the office! I worked everyday subbing on other peoples routes this was fun.
  • Oh Baby!

    Oh Baby we just found out I was pregnant with our 3rd baby!
  • New Job, New baby and New emotions!

    Happy Birthday! I had a new job, also had to tell them I was pregnant and what about leave time oh this was hard!
  • Guess what we are having?

    It's a BOY! 3 boys WOW, I wasn't exactly what you would call HAPPY but they are all healthy!
  • Aidan James

    Aidan James came into this world on August 20th at 2:20pm was 8lbs 2oz and 20inchs long! Big Brothers were so excited!
  • 6 weeks and back at it!

    I ended up only taking six weeks of leave, this was because I knew we needed the money to survive and because Andy ended up getting layed off, so he stayed home with the kids now.
  • Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!

    My Birthday, Alex's Birthday and Austin's Birthday (well the 13th but it goes with ours)!
  • Austin TKD

    Austin has started Tae Kwon Do, this should be fun!
  • 5 year Anniversary!

    We went on a road trip to Niagara Falls! This was spontaneous and spur of the moment!
  • Aidan is the big One

    Aidan turned one today and we had a party at the lake!
  • Banquet

    Austin's first banquet for Tae Kwon Do, he got some awards! How exciting!
  • Flordia Trip

    This was our family florida trip, we went to the beach and to Sea World!
  • Kids Camp!

    The kids decided that they wanted to go to camp, this was day camp but they still had fun all summer and got to go on field trips!
  • Not a good year!

    This wasn't a good year for the whole family! Andy was attacked in Mt. Clemens and we almost lost him. He was attacked by 15-30 teenagers, they only caught 5.
  • Brain injuries

    We found out that Andy had internal bleeding on the brain and brain injuries, this is what comes out of being attacked by a mob of gang members by innocently driving down the road and having a teenager throw a brick through you window and stop to see what in the world happened.
  • Family should be like glue

    The family is tore apart and shattered at this point. We are all trying are best to live a happy life, brain injury patients are hard to live with.
  • Court Sentencing

    Have been going to court for the last 6 months and finally some justice, the juveniles only got min time for ruining my life and my husbands life. The justice system really needs to get a back bone.
  • slowly but getting there

    Slowly Andy is getting better very slowly but we pray everyday for him to be back to his normal self although we have no gaurentee in life.
  • Bought our Cabin!

    We decided to buy our house up north, this was the house we lived in at Houghton Lake and it was passed down in Andy's family , it was his great great Grandmas so now we are proud owners!
  • 1 year ago

    One year ago we were wondering if we were going to have a husband a Dad and a friend....... He survived and we have all of that. We went to Detroit to celebrate with Pizza Popolious and Astroria Bakery! Yummy
  • Parade

    We have taken the parade to a whole new level! We have brought more people, we take hot cocoa and sauaage biscuits and tents to keep warm! Fun Fun!
  • Skiing Trip to Boyne

    This was our first trip to Boyne as a family and the boys all loved it! Aidan was a dare devil and didn't want to leave, mind you he is only 4.
  • 2nd skiing trip

    This was our second trip to Boyne as a family, we have all decided we are going to snowboard and ski, the boys did awesome, me not so much I broke my tail bone!
  • North Carolina

    North Carolina for 10 days why not! We went and visited some friends that moved away. Went to lots of flea markets and had fun in the sun.
  • Alex Baseball

    Alex started spring baseball, how fun to watch him play this year.
  • Camping

    This was our first camping trip..... we went to Mackinaw and camped for the week, how fun I never thought this princess would like it! The boys had a blast!
  • Chicago

    Went to Chicago for 5 days, went to the pier and the childrens museum. The Sears tower was a huge thing for the boys to do that is what they picked!
  • Fall Ball

    Alex is full force with baseball, he loves it and wanted to do fall ball go for it was my response!
  • Washington DC

    We are huge lovers of vacation. We drove to Washington D.C and it was a cheap vacation, we paid for gas, hotel and our double decker passes and the rest was free. This was very educational.
  • Austin a Red Belt Oh My!

    Austin received his Red Belt, how exciting! One more step to being a Jr. Black Belt soon! The youngest Jr. Black Belt the Master has ever had in his 40 years of teaching!
  • Arm is hurting!

    I think all of this Christmas mail has hurt my rotator cuff! Ouch
  • To the Docs I go

    Off to the Doctors for an MRI, little did I know it would end up needing surgery for my rotator cuff.
  • Skiing 2011

    We went back to Boyne the boys love it and they are able to go all over the hills without us!
  • 2nd Skiing trip

    Skiing is so much fun at Boyne! We are enjoying our time on the slops! Aidan loves the chair lifts!
  • Surgery

    I had surgery on my rotator cuff and off of work!
  • Texas style

    We went to Texas to the Gaylord Texan this was amazing and beautiful. Fun just Andy and I.
  • Birthdays

    Alex turned 12 today and me ya i turned 32
  • No Work!

    I just found out today that I can't go back to work at least until May 18th, more therapy and time at home I suppose.
  • Austin and TKD

    Austin is going to the National Tournament in Chicago for Tae Kwon Do, we are collecting items for our silent auction.
  • Death

    One of my friends from high school hung herself today! This is crazy and a lot of people don't understand it at all Shannon was always a happy person, always smiling, cheerful, outgoing, loved everyone. I guess you never know what someone is feeling on the inside. She had just turned 30 two days before.
  • Happy 10th Birthday Austin

    Austin turned 10 today what a great day! We had people over and a pizza party!
  • Going up North!

    We are headed up north the my Dad's and to check on the cabin. It is cold up there I hear so we aren't very happy about that.
  • Paintball anyone?

    We went to the paintball fields to watch the paintball wars for a Birthday party, it looks fun but I am still unable to do any of that due to my shoulder. On another note it was rainy and cold so I am glad I wasn't out there.
  • Easter!

    We decided to go to brunch today at Bennigan's in Plymouth, how fun was this. They had live bunnies and an Easter bunny along with a huge buffet and Easter egg hunt or should we say Sphere hunt...... I think I like Easter egg better. Lots of fun now home for a nap.
  • Renew the Vows!

    We are renewing our vows on this day in Grand Haven Michigan on the Beach of Lake Michigan. This is going to be one exciting day 10 years of marriage put behind us and many more to come.
  • School is starting

    Everyone will be in school for a full day and I won't have to worry about sitters or buses anywhere! This will be a relief.
  • 18 years old

    Alex will be 18 years old and hopefully I am not pulling my hair out and turning gray by this time. He is a great kid and I know I can always count on him.
  • Austin turns 18

    Aussie will turn 18 on this day interesting enough I am a little scared on this one! He is more of my wild child and I don't know if he will settle down but I do have faith in him, he wants to take Tae Kwon Do to the Olympics.
  • 20 year anniversary

    Andy and I will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary on this date we hope to be very much in love and still going strong.
  • projected death

    I think that 82 is a good year to pass, not only will I have lived life to the fullest and done most of all that I would want to do in life but I can say I lived a long time. This will give me a chance to see my potential Grandkids as well. I don't want to live a super long life in fear that I may be miserable so after 82 I am alright with that. This will be in the year 2061 my kids will be 62,60 and 56.