Andrew Jackson/Ben Block

  • Jackson's Birth

    Jackson's Birth
    Andrew Jackson was born on March 15th, 1767 in Waxhaws, Carolina
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    Although a treaty was already signed that effectivley ended The War of 1812, slow communication lead to the British's frontal assault of New Orleans in early 1815 that lead to a decisive American victory
  • Election of 1824

    Even though Andrew Jackson won the most Electoral College votes, no one won the majority. In the end, John Quincy Adams became president and made the speaker of the house, Henry Clay, Secretary of State. This was known by Jacksonians as the 'corrupt bargain'
  • Period: to

    Nullification Crisis

  • Election of 1828

    The election was a landslide victory for Jackson, because of the 'corrupt bargain' in the Election of 1824