Ancient Rome

  • 122

    A.D. Hadrian Wall is built

    Wall bulit to keep Barbarians out.
  • 264

    War with Carthage (First Punic War)

  • 277

    War with Pyrrhus

  • 410

    A.D. The Visigoths sack Rome

    The city of Rome has fallen to an enemy.
  • Aug 1, 753

    The city of Rome is founded.

    The city of Rome is founded.
  • B.C. Julius Caesar becomes first dictator of Rome

    He defeats Pompey in a civil war, the end of the Roman Republic.
  • Hannibal invades Italy

  • B.C. Rome becomes a Republic

    KIng is expelled, now ruled by senators.
  • A.D. christianity

    Christianity becomes sole religion of the Roman Empire.
  • A.D. Rome Splts

    Rome split into two empires.