Ancient Rome

  • 218

    Hannibal invades Italy

    During the Punic War, Hannibal leads an army to attack Rome.
  • 329

    Circus Maximus Built

    Circus Maximus Built
    The Circus Maximus was a stadium built for chariot races and could seat around 150,000 people.
  • 509

    Rome becomes a republic

    The last king of Rome is overthrown and Rome is now ruled by a republic, meaning that it is ruled by elected officials and there is a constitution with laws.
  • Jan 1, 753

    City of Rome founded

    City of Rome founded
    According to Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus, the twin sons of the god of war named Mars, founded Rome in 753 BC. Romulus then killed Remus and became ruler of Rome and named the city after himself. For the next 240 years Rome was ruled by kings.