Ancient Rome

By E151
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    The sports that the Romans do are running, boxing,wrestling, they also have a pentatholon which has:
    -jumping or leaping
    -the foot-race
    -throwing of the discus
    -throwing of the spear
  • Period: 100 to 500


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    He was Roman Emperor from 180 to 192. He also ruled as a co-emperor with his father Marcus Aurelius from 177 until his father died in 180. His name would change throughout his life, and although he was emperor he would always go out and host chariot and gladiator fights instead of performing his responsibilities.
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    Split of Rome

    Split of Rome
    When Diocletian split Rome into the east and west, things changed a lot. The eastern part of Rome was the wealthier because it was a small in area. Also he didn't have to hire a lot of soldiers to defend the border. The eastern empire was more open to trade but, the bad thing about this is its open for people to attack. The western empire wasn’t as wealthy because it was bigger so they had to have more soldiers and had to pay more money. Another setback was it wasn’t in a good trade area.
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    Diocletian was born into a family with a low social status. He became a soldier who fought on horseback and rose through the ranks of the military to become a commander to the Emperor Carus. He was a Roman Emperor from 284 to 305.
  • Roman Sports

    Roman Sports
    The Romans transformed the athleticism and ritual of Greek sport into a spectacle. All the Romans liked sports, some got very bloody and out of hand. Chariot racing and gladiator fights were the most interesting sports of the religious festivals. The huge crowds that came to watch these sports screamed ''panem at the Coliseum ". Most of the events were sponsored by the wealthy citizens to display their wealth. After the gladiator fight the non wealthy people asked to have the meat from the dead.
  • Commodus is assassinated

    Commodus is assassinated
    Marcia planned to kill Commodus on December 31. She ordered her people to give him poison. As the poison was fazing him she knew it was time to kill him. The Senate ordered his memory to be infamous so, they dragged him along the streets with iron hooks. Then the senate orders him to be thrown in Tiber.