Ancient Greece

  • 146

    Greece conquered by Rome

    Ancient Greece was conquered by ancient Rome who absorb much of their culture. The Romans adopted many of Greeks caltural achievements such as there buildings and well's.
  • 336

    Alexandrer the Great

    Alexandrer the Great comes to power, he conqued most of Egypt to Indias territory. He built Greek citys and introduced Greek calture when he ruled.
  • 338

    Philip the II

    Philip the II of Macedonia conquered the Greeks. During his reagion, Philip more than doubled his size of his kingdom. He was the father of Alexandra the Great. Philip took the throne after his elder brother, Perdiccals III which died in battle at 359 BC.
  • 460


    460 - 377 Hippocrates was the father of medicine. Long after he died, he became the most famous person in ancient medicine. He belived that illness was caused by an imballence of 4 different humors (liquids) in the body, phelegm, yellow bile, black bile and blood.
  • 490

    Battle of Marathon against the Persians

    In this battle the Athenias were outnumbered. The Persians landed thier warships in the bay of Marathon, and unlouded their solders,but the Athenians had a plan. After nine days of waiting they attaced. Pheidippides raced the 25 miles to Athens at top speed to deliver a mesage, when he got there he fell to the ground, dead. Thats why we have a race today called the Marathon.
  • Jan 1, 776

    First Olympic Games

    The First Olympic Games are Held. They were held as a compettion among thye Greek city states. The compedeters wore nothing but a layer of oil to protect them from sunburn.
  • Jan 1, 1194

    The Trojan war

    1194 - 1184 The Trojan war was a conflict in which Greece defeated the city of Troy. According to ancient Greece, the Trojan was started from the wedding feast of peleus. All of the Gods and Godesses had been invited exepet Eris, the Godess of discord, she was offended by this and started troubble. One great thing in this war was the Trojan horse, The Greeks built a huge horse, when the Trojans brought the horse in the city which the Greeks were in the Greeks would come out and let in the army.