American Imperialism timeline Project

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  • American Expansion in the Pacific

    This event allowed the United States and Japan to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa. Which called for peace between the two countries and promise the two countries would trade with each other.
  • Sitka

    The United States took possession of Alaska after perchasing the territory from Russia.
  • Open Door Policy

    Several Nations agreed not to discriminate against other nations wanting to do business in their sphere of influence in China.
  • Diplomacy in Latin America

    Was a conference between the United States and Latin America countries in which they would discuss ways the American nations could work together to support peace and to increase trade.
  • Calls for War

    The Maine exploded and sank while sitting in the Havanna Harbor. Two later studies concluded it was spontaneous combustion that sank the ship, but many Americans at the time thought it was sabotage.
  • Spanish-American War

    The result of American intervention in the ongoing Cuban War if independence.
  • Annexing Hawaii

    Hawaii was made into a state. There had been established a military base.
  • Foraker Act

    A United States federal law that established civilian government on the island of Puerto Rico.
  • Platt Amendment

    It stipulated the conditions for the withdrawl of United States troops remaining in Cuba.
  • The Panama Canal

    Theodore Roosvelt wanted a strong global military presence for the U.S., and believed building the canal was the way to get it. After many issues, negotiations, and resolutions, this dream became true.
  • Great White Fleet

    It consisted of 16 battleships divided into two squadrons.
  • The Sinking of the Lusitania

    This was part of the reason for the United States to be led into World War I.