American Expanisionism

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  • McKinley Presidency

    when Mckinley becomes president he helps overhtrow the Hawaiian Queen and helps put American Planters in Hawaii
  • Annexation of Hawaii

    Residents entering Hawaii, mostly American citizens, overthrew the Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani and took advantage of her disposal and the UNited States Annexed Hawaii
  • USS Maine explodes

    in Havana Harbor, Cuba, 260 American Sailors die in boat explosion, Yellow Press calls for war against Spain claiming the explosion as Spanish Plot.
  • Spanish American War starts

    The United Sates has declared war on Spain inorder to gain colonies from Spain (Phillipines, Cuba, Puerto Rico) and declare as theirs.
  • First battle of Spanish America War

    May 1, 1898, the United States's Asiatic Squadron has destroyed the Spanish Pacific Squadron under commnand of Commodore George Dewey
  • Arrival of American Troops

    The U.S. has landed their troops in Cuba for combat
  • Spain Surrender

    After much defeat the Spanish surrender at Santiago giving victory towards the U.S.
  • Armistice Between Spain and America

    The Spanish were loosing to the dominant American Forces, in their situation they were to sign an armistice to not keep loosing.
  • Phillipines Independence

    The Phillipines declares itself independent after Guerrila style forces led by Emilio Aguinaldo after fighting a war with the US that was longer than the Spanish American War.
  • Organic Act

    after the United States established the Territory of Hawaii, they are to be provided a constitution and a government for the territory.
  • US leave Cuba

    Cuba gained fromal independence from U.S. and named itself tghe republic of Cuba
  • Hay Herran Treaty

    Columbia is offered a treaty in which they will be paid $10 million and an anual pay of $250,000 all for the access of Panama in order to build a Canal
  • Panama declares independence from Colombia.

    The United states convinced Panama to gain its independence from Colombia in order for the United States to then recognize it as a country; and start the building the Panama Canal
  • Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty

    Panama and The United States sign the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty giving US access to the isthmus of Panama and the righ to build a Canal across it
  • Panama Canal Zone

    The United States is given control over the Panama Canal Zone for $10 million dollars in Panama.
  • Panama Railroad

    the United States purchased the Panama Railroad Company from France inorder to have transportation of supplies easily transported for the Panama Canal
  • WIlliam Gorgas

    By 1906 William C. Gorgas had eradicated yellow fever and reduced malaria at an all time low throughout the decade of the building of the Panama Canal
  • Gentlemens Agreement

    due to the influx of Asian Immigrants mostly Japanese coming into Japan, the United States agreed to stop the mistreatment of Japanese migrants if Japan reduces emmigration.
  • Panama Canal is in use

    Panama Canal is open for use and is able to transport ships across the pacific and atlantic ocean.
  • U.S. grants Puerto Rico Citizenship

    President Woodrow Wilson signs the Jones-Shafroth Act allowing the Puerto Rican inhabitants, U.S. citizenship.
  • Death of Hawaiian Queen

    First, Former and Final Queen of Hawaii dies in 1917 and failed to regain her throne
  • Period: to

    Spanish American War

    War between United States and Spain over colony control
  • Period: to

    Migration to Hawaii

    Many immigrants, mostly asian, began to migrate to hawaii including puerto ricans and portugese
  • Period: to

    Building of the Panama Canal

    workers in Panama started to buid the panama canal in the orders of President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Period: to

    Creating the Divide

    The toughest part of building the panama canal was the clearing of rock along the Gillard Cut to creat the continental divide