Alyssa's timeline

By alolson
  • Born today

    Born today
    I was born in the 90's....barely.
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    Alyssa's Timeline

  • First time going to my cabin

    In Gimli,MB
  • First blanket

    My grandma made me my first blaket or as I called it "Blanki"
  • First bike!!

    First bike!!
    My dad gave me my first bike.
  • New day care

  • First year of soccer

    First year of soccer
  • Split my head open

    At day care I slipped and fell and split my head open
  • Cut of the tip of my pinkie

    I was cutting paper with crayola saftey scissors and they slipped and cut tip of my pinkie off.
  • First day of kindergarten

  • First dance

    First dance
    I took ballet and hip-hop
  • First year of hockey

    First year of hockey
    I started of playing hockey with boys.
  • First day at LM!!

    First day at LM!!
    I switched schools in grade four.
  • First year of girls hockey

    First year of girls hockey
    Mid year of that season I got to meet Jenifer Boderal!!
  • First time playing volley-ball

    First time playing volley-ball
  • First time playing basket-ball

    First time playing basket-ball
  • Twins

    I did not make the double A hockey team, I was the last cut off the team