Alaina's Life Map

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    PIp's Life Map

    Pip is alive during the victorian time period.The exact dates may be unknown, so some may be estimates.
  • Pip's new family

    After the death of his parents, Pip is taken into the care of his sister and her husband. Unfortunately, the way PIp's treated by his older sister leaves him with only a bitter scar.
  • Meeting the convict

    Upon visiting his parent's grave, Pip meets the convict who requests of him food and a file. Pip in great fear, heeds the convicts warning and hurries home to do his bidding.
  • Estella and Mrs. Havisham

    Pip is lead to Satis House by Mr. Pumblechook. Upon his arrival, he meets the beautiful yet cruel Estella, and the old and a bit insane Mrs. Havisham.
  • Off to fulfill Great Expectations

    After a while, Pip starts to lose his innocence, and as he falls for his Estella, his need to be come a so called "gentlemen" becomes strongeer. He makes his journey to Mr. Jaggers in his new refined clothes without looking back at Biddy or Joe.
  • Encountering the Pale Young Gentlemen

    At his arrival at the hotel, he meets an old aquaitance, the pale young youth from his past. The gentlemen, Herbert, and his kind and welcoming nature easily becomes close friends with Pip.
  • Reavealing the Benefactor

    It seems as if out of nowhere, the convict from so long ago has come to meet again with Pip. To Pip's dismay, the man of no social status and the leat worth of becoming a gentleman is actually the foundation of his success.
  • Jumping into the fire

    After having a terrible vision of Mrs. Havisham dying, Pip goes immedietly back to Satis House to find that she is burning in the flames. Without thinking, PIp follows in to save her, and in turn, suffers from severe burns.
  • Lover's Reunion

    After 13 years of living a peaceful life, Pip goes back to Satis House with little PIp, and to his suprise, finds an aging Estella wandering the garden. In the original ending, Estella thinks little Pip is Pip's son, and they go their seperate ways. However, in the new version Pip and Estella walk out hand in hand.
  • Period: to

    Birth to Present

    I was born on January 17, 1998 to Norman and Ty Phan
  • Grandma Died

    On this day my grandma died from lung failure. I wasn't able to visit her because I was in boston at the time and she wanted to be buried in Texas, so only my father wen to the funeral.
  • Juliana is Born

    My little sister is born, a person that scares me to death most of the time, but I still love her. My mom named her Juliana so that her name would rhyme with mine.
  • East to the West Coast

    In 2003, I had to leave my comfortable home in Boston, MA to go to the unkown west coast city of Irvine, CA. At 5 I felt displaced in a new region, and the fact that I was very shy at the time, didn't help much either.
  • Mother's Deathbed

    In 2004, my mother died of bone cancer. I probably cried more on that day then any other in my life.
  • Moving again

    After my mom died, my dad decided it would be better if we lived closer to family. As a result, we moved to Cypress where my Dad's oldest brother and his family lived, and being able to meet them was a very exhilirating experience.
  • Another Mom

    My dad had remarried another woman while he was in Vietnam, and my sister and I were very curious on the identity of this woman. On her arrival to america, I tried my best to get on her good side, to this day I'm still unsure if i succeeded or not.
  • Oxford Acceptance

    I was very shocked that I had gotten accpeted into Oxford, and on such short notice. One thing was obvious, my father was much more excited than I was.