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Advanced Studies

  • Modeling a Laser Gun

    Modeling a Laser Gun
    This week in advanced studies, I learned a lot about how to edit and model polygons and cubes. Using all that I learned I started to model a laser gun. So far, I have imported a hand drawn plan of what to model into Maya, and have finished modeling the handle of the gun. I used many tools to complete this including the custom polygon tool, interactive split tool, edge loop tool, and the smooth preview tool. Next week I hope to finish modeling my gun, and use it in an animation.
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    advanced studies

  • Finishing up my laser gun

    Finishing up my laser gun
    This week in advanced studies, I continued to work on my laser gun adding more detail to the handle and finishing the trigger area and the barrel. I can’t wait to be all done with my gun.
  • Laser gun done

    Laser gun done
    This week in advanced studies, I finished my laser gun, and started to make a prop of my own. I also learned how to animate. Using the s key to set key frames and the props I have made I started to animate my own little fight scene. Next week I hope to continue my scene, and possibly finish. It will be really cool!
  • Starting my first animation!

    Starting my first animation!
    This week in advanced studies I started my first full length animation. Using a third party program, I imported my mine craft world into Maya. I then added a physical sky and sun, as well as animated the camera and establishing shots. In a whole other scene, I started animating a fight scene that I will put as a climatic ending. Next week I hope to finish my fight scene and possibly finish another scene.
  • Scene 2

    Scene 2
    This week in advanced studies I spent a lot of time working on my animation. Even though I ran into a few technical difficulties that led to data loss I still was able to finish my second scene. Next week I hope to animate the final battle between the boss and my character. This fight scene will probably take the whole week!
  • boss scene

    boss scene
    This week in advanced studies I worked a lot on the final boss fight of my animation. To do this, I made a camera focus on the boss while he was entering as well as had the boss take out a sword. After I had made that part of the scene I needed a simple prop of an item, so I modeled it. This week was very productive.
  • Boss fight finish

    Boss fight finish
    This week in advanced studies I finished up my final boss fight animation. Using the key frame tool, I animated the character defeating the boss. Even though the raw animation is done, I still have some minor texturing and fix up animation to do. After I do that, I will be able to render the whole animation.
  • My emotion continuum

    My emotion continuum
    A continuum, is a continuous extent, like 2 sides of a spectrum. My emotion continuum has two major sides; what makes me happy, and what makes me sad. What makes me happy is feeling completed, having nothing hanging over me. For example, when I get home from school and have no home work. What makes me sad is disappointing people or myself. For example, when I feel like I could have done better or tried harder I feel bad and sad.
  • ready to render!

    This week in advanced studies, I worked on the finishing touches of my animation. Using the key frame and create light tool, I figured out where part of the animation looked weird and re animated them. I also worked on the lighting of the scene, as well as the sky. I hope to start rendering the animation next week.
  • Summary

  • 2nd animation

    This week in advanced studies I worked on my second animation. The main difference between my old one and this new one was the lighting. On this animation, I spent a lot more time on the lighting, in the end, I hope I have a character walking up to a chest and getting something out of it. So far I have my character walking up to it and opening the chest
  • Rebdered my animation

    This week in advanced studies was a combination of frustration and achievement. The entire week was me trying to render my animation. After leaving the computer on overnight twice, and having to problem solve twice, I finally got product that I was happy with. Now that I am done and have looked over my troubles, I think it was good for me to have to problem solve. Even though this week was frustrating it was also very productive, and good for me.
  • Final touches

    This week in advanced studies, I rendered my animation. Using the batch render tool, the computer very slowly rendered each individual frame of the animation. To get the final product, I left computer on and rendering over night twice. Now that everything is rendered, the only thing I have left to do on my animation, is to add sound, and to put all of the scenes together. I hope to have my entire animation done by the end of next week
  • Done!

    I finally finished my animation, and uploaded it to youtube.
  • Starting second animation

    This week in advanced studies, I finished the finishing touches of my animation, and uploaded my animation to youtube. Now that I am totally done with my first animation, I can focus completely on my new animation. I hope that with all that I have learned, my second animation will go a lot smoother, and I will get a better final product. With finishing my first animation, I have learned a lot, as well as had to trouble shoot.
  • change of focus

    This week in advanced studies, I changed my focus for a little bit. Using my previous java knowledge, I went onto code academy, and programed a few codes, including rock paper scissors, and a little questioning game. This change of focus is temporary, but I wanted to re visit java for a little bit.
  • back to animating

    This week in advanced studies, I animated my first smooth character in autodesk maya. Smooth characters are a lot more complex than square ones, because they need more controllers, since they have life like bends. Using an alien dog rig that I found off the internet, I animated my dog, doing a roll over trick for the camera. This small animation (3 seconds long), took me the whole week because of the complexity of the dog rig. Next week I hope to explore more into smooth animating, from the know
  • Final Summary

    This was the final week of animation. In this week I learned to animate smooth characters, as well as wrote my final summary. This class has been a great experience.