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Absolute Monarchs, yo.

  • Feb 24, 1500

    Birth of Charles V (Charles I)

    Birth of Charles V (Charles I)
    The Holy Roman emperor Charles V (1500-1558) inherited the thrones of the Netherlands, Spain, and the Hapsburg possessions but failed in his attempt to bring all of Europe under his imperial rule. In the end The Holy Roman Empire was not Holey, as very few of his subjects were catholic, was not roman, as no one spoke Latin, and was not an empire, as it was too large and diverse for Charles to rule. He tried and failed to seam atlantic and central Europe into a whole. His reign was a failure.
  • Period: Feb 24, 1500 to Sep 1, 1558

    King Charles 1 of Spain

  • Feb 1, 1520

    The Revolt of Comuneros

    The Revolt of Comuneros
    For the most part, Charles had been good to spain, letting them thrive and become one of is main powers (among the Americas and the African territories). But to the spanish, he was a stranger from another land ruling over them, and he made the arogant mistake of sitting back and letting the Spanish fund their wars themselves as well as breaking Spanish tradtion and treating Castile and Aragon as the same kingdom. Fed up to a boiling point, they revolted.
  • Aug 25, 1530

    Birth of Ivan lV

    Birth of Ivan lV
    Ivans dad died when he was three, and so his mom became his regent. But then when he's nine she was killed by the voyars. After taking the throne at age 16, Ivan actually did sme great things for the country, like amping up their political system and expanding Russia. But when his wife died and he though it was due to the Boyers he went crazy and started killing possible traitors and going to war and killing off tons of Boyers. Then he died in the middle of a chess game.
  • Period: Aug 25, 1530 to

    Ivan IV

  • Sep 1, 1558

    Death of Charles V (Charles l)

    Death of Charles V (Charles l)
  • Oct 14, 1570

    Ivan Goes on a Killing Spree

    Ivan went a gigantic killing spree of his citizens, not trusting them and even killing his own son after attacking his daughter-in-law for wearing revealing clothes. His citizens threatened to rebel and he fled Russia and left his country to anarchy.They were left in anarchy, realized that they needed a ruler to survive and begged him to come back.
  • Ivan lV dies

    Ivan lV dies
  • Birth of King Louis XIV

    Birth of King Louis XIV
    Louis made a solid effort to benefit France, and he was somewaht successsful. He wanted his people to be educated and he wanted france to be a strong nation. In the end, France did skyrocket to the top of the arts and literature gurus of Europe, as well as have some successful colonies for trade. But in the end, his lavish lifestyle and his constantly dragging France to war led to high taxes, angry people, and the French Revolution.
  • Period: to

    Louis XIV

  • Birth of Peter l

    Birth of Peter l
    Peter here is known to have modernized Russia. He started with reforming the navy and military. Then he moved onto education, both for those in the military and common people. But to fund the military and the education system, he began to heavily tax his people, but poured that money back, avoiding any revolt. When the head of church died, he decided to have it be controled by the government. Then he had tons and tons of workers die making the beautiful city of moscow. Pretty productive guy.
  • Period: to

    Peter I

  • Louis Funds the Arts

    Louis Funds the Arts
    Louis XIV made art very popular, especially opera and ballet. Under Louis, the main purpose of art no longer to glorify God. He funded many artisitic and archetectual endeavors, as e believed that the purpose of art during the Renaissance period, was to gloify the king and help his ruling.
  • Swedes Attack Russia

    Swedes Attack Russia
    The Swedes invaded Russia and defeated Peter at Golovchin in July. But then he flipped around and defeated at the Battle of Lesnaya, where Peter destroyed a reenforcing army before it could aid the Swedish king. They then attacked Ukraine, and Peter had all valuables burned as the Russians fled. This showcases one of the benefits of an absolute monarch- quick decisions in time of battle.
  • Death of King Louis XIV

    Death of King Louis XIV
  • Death of Peter l

    Death of Peter l
  • Summary

    The early Kings, Charles and Ivan, were undoubtably much more violent than the later monarchs Peter and Louis. From out research, the first Kings were far more admired for their war efforts, while their later kings were more invested in the arts and economy.
    Each absolute monarch, however, had different ways of controlling their Kingdom. Charles, strictness,Ivan, fear, Louis, art, and Peter, modernization. All of them excersized their control, utilizing between fear, manipulation, and confidence