19 Minutes

By edh3852
  • Alex and Lacy Meet

    Lacy is teaching a maternity class and notices Alex having a complication, sparking their friendship. Alex is convinced she doesn't want her child and Lacy is willing to take the chance to convince her otherwise. Leading her down the path of motherhood.
  • Peter's First Day of School

    Peter wakes up early for kindergarten, ready to go, he's given a Superman lunchbox as a present. Once on the bus, he is at a loss as to where to sit, until he sits next to Josie Cormier. An older boy takes his lunchbox and throws it out the window, the beginning of the end.
  • Josie Beats up Drew

    After seeing Peter tormented and the teachers ignoring/not dealing with the problem, Josie takes it into her own hands to kick the crap out of Drew and she wins. Josie is promptly sent to the principal's office and her mother is called and takes her home. Josie is taken care of and has a heart to heart with her mother, explaining the difference between the best and what's right.
  • Alex Applies to Become a Judge

    After discussing with Whit Hobart about becoming new judge now that there was a female democratic governor. Alex was hesitant at first but went through with it. She does become a full-fledged judge.
  • Alex and Lacy Split Up

    After a conflict between the women over Peter showing Josie a gun. Alex takes Josie away from Lacy's home, with the intent that she can protect her from guns and potentially being hurt.
  • Peter Learns How to Clean a Gun

    While wandering his house as he has started to do since being grounded. In the basement he finds his father cleaning a gun. Lewis teaches Peter how to clean it and how to be safe with it.
  • Peter Goes to Middle School

    Peter's first day of Middle School was difficult as his mother gave him an embarrassing notebook cover. Josie helps him by making a makeshift book cover. Drew spills milk and sees the true cover, Josie trips him and Peter and Josie laugh.
  • Peter starts Soccer

    Peter joins the soccer team, against his will or not and is horrendously bullied by the coach and Matt Royston, getting his glasses smashed. In a stroke of luck however, he meets a new friend, Derek.
  • Josie Meets Courtney Ignacio

    Josie is paired with a girl named Courtney and learns about make-up, this is where she starts to drift away from Peter.
  • Peter's Dog Dies

    Dozer, Peter's dog is getting old and is scheduled to be put down by the vet. Lacy offers everyone to share their memory of him, but only Peter does.
  • Josie Works at the Printing Shop

    Josie starts work at Peter's job and they get along pretty well, Peter reveals who her dad is through hacking online.
  • Peter Meets McCabe Outside of School

    Peter enters a gay bar to see if he really is gay. He isn't. He meets a man named Kurt and is almost abducted until McCabe intervenes and takes Peter home.
  • Josie Gets Peter Fired

    After Peter lights a fire and Josie "saves" him, he thinks she still cares for him, but reports that to her boss. Peter is promptly fired.
  • Matt Beats Up Peter

    Peter and Josie are outside far after school is over and Peter starts talking to Josie about his job. Matt notices Peter and provokes him, pushing him over. Peter insults him and Matt makes him pay.
  • Josie Meets Her Father

    After Peter reveals Josie's Father, she begs Matt to take her there. He wants nothing to do with her, thinking she's blackmailing him and pays her to leave.
  • Josie Confides in Matt

    Josie is devastated over her meeting with her Father, and Matt offers...well pressures her into..."explicit" activities in the woods. She accepts.
  • Peter Makes his Game

    Peter has the idea for a dream after being beat up by Matt Royston. A game where nerds hunt bullies in a school...with guns. He circles people he wants to shoot in the games.
  • Matt Hurts Josie

    Josie isn't ready to leave while hanging out with her friends, while Matt is insistent they leave. He embarrasses her, causing her to get up and go. While she tries to apologize, saying she wanted to stay, he pins her to the wall, telling her that he loves her, but she has to listen to him and not embarrass him.
  • Peter and Josie Get Stuck in the Elevator

    The elevator breaks down while Peter and Josie ride it after school, late again. They're trapped for hours and they play games and talk to pass the time. He learns that Josie is being abused and she's scared to hang out with him again.
  • Joey Dies

    After coming home from the elevator incident, the lights are dark and he is embraced by his dad. He is told Joey died in a drunk driving accident.
  • Josie Reads "The Email"

    Josie is doing Matt's homework when Matt tells her to read "an email" sent from Peter Houghton. It's the beginning of the end for Peter. Josie is worried that Matt might beat her if she showed any sympathy for Peter so she dissed him, with no emotion.
  • Peter Is Pantsed

    Courtney lies to Peter about Josie liking him and he goes to ask Josie out for lunch. Peter has his pants pulled down in front of the cafeteria and Josie is just as embarrassed as Peter.
  • Day of the Shooting

    A shooter, Peter Houghton, enters Sterling High School and kills a total of ten others and injuries more.
  • Patrick Ducharme Arrives

    Patrick sweeps the school and apprehends Peter Houghton, taking him into custody and saves the day.
  • Josie and Peter kill Matt Royston

    Josie shoots Matt in the stomach after being provoked by his yelling. Peter shoots him in the head as a way to ease Josie's suffering.
  • The Shooting is Over

    Peter is now in custody as the coroner, Dr. Guenther Frankenstein and Patrick Ducharme sweep the school to record the dead.
  • Lacy hires McAfee

    After hearing that her son has to call an attorney himself, fearing he may not know, hires one for him. Jordan McAfee realizes that everyone is someone's child after having his own child, Sam, and takes the case.
  • Peter Gets Ready

    Peter accidentally pulls up his email sent to Josie that was leaked to the school, he loses it and packs up his guns and bombs, heading to school.
  • Peter Meets Jordan

    Held up in his cell at the local jail, Peter's door is opened saying he has a guest. That guest is Jordan McAfee who is ready to meet his client.
  • Peter's Arraignments are Read

    Peter is read the charges before the prosecution, defense, the town, as well as the Judge (Wagner and Alex). The town is furious with Peter.
  • Selena Investigates

    Selena looks into Peter's case by talking with his mother. She sees that he was neglected and mistreated, emotionally.
  • Peter's Charges are Read

    Peter listens to all crimes against him, as well as some outside voices, calling him a monster, a killer, etc.
  • Peter Gets a Letter

    Peter receives a letter from someone who isn't his mother, Elena Battista. She talks about relating to him and he wants to meet her.
  • Elena Visits

    Elena comes to interview Peter for a "paper". She turns out to be a Time reporter and he falls for it, telling her a delusional story that makes him look like a guilty killer in an attempt to impress her.
  • Derek is Interviewed

    Derek is interviewed by Selena who learns that Josie was once Peter's best friend.
  • Cormier is Off the Case

    After learning that Josie is involved with Peter, McAfee brings her to the witness list, therefore making the Judge "biased" and not able to view it.
  • Patrick Falls in Love with Alex

    Patrick Meets Alex at one of his favorite restaurants. She is waiting for her date, but can't help but notice how beautiful she is.
  • Alex Falls for Ducharme

    Alex and Patrick begin to get closer, and they end up spending time together. At the house. Patrick begins sleeping at her house even.