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History Absolutism Timeline

By 44731
  • Feb 24, 1500

    Charles I Spain

    He was born Febuary 24, 1500. He was the Holy Roman Emporer and also became the first king of Spain. He was the one who sent Martin Luthher to the Diet of Worms because of he beliefs. He had strong religious beliefs.
  • Apr 8, 1521

    Charles I Spain

    Major Event:
    In 1521 Charles I first war with Francis I of France began. In order to defeat the French, Charles I allied with England and Pope Leo VI. Eventually Charles I drove the French out of Milan and Captured Francis I in 1525. Francis I eventually escaped and many more wars had yet to come.
  • Aug 25, 1530

    Ivan the Terrible Birth

    Ivan IV or Ivan tthe Terrible was grandson to Ivan the Great. He was crowned as the first tzar of Russia. Ivan ruled with a ruthlessness, it is said that he gouged out the eyes of the architects who built St. Basil's so that it couldn't be created again. The czar's power cam completely after Ivan coquered all of his territory. In later years he executed thousands and killed his son.
  • Jan 16, 1547

    Ivan the Terrible

    Ivan the Terrible began his rule on January 16, 1547. During his rule Ivan conquested Khanates of Kazan, Astrakhan, and SIberia, conquering and expanding his empire to almost one billion acres. He was hungry for power and more land equals more power. He progressed these medieval states into an empire for him to rule over.
  • Sep 21, 1558

    Charles I Spain

    Charles I died on September 21, 1558. He was an absolute monarch he ruled much of Italy, Spain, Americas, and France. He had many strong religious beleifs about the Roman Catholic which he fought for it throughout his life. He was a very powerful leader.
  • Ivan the Terrible Death

    Ivan the Terrible conquered many lands to expand his empire. But as he grew older he grew rage and the older he became the bigger the rage grew. Towards his later years one of his outbreaks he killedd one of his sons, leaving one more son in line for the position of the tsar. Even later he executed thousands of people.
  • Louis XIV Birth

    Louis XIV was born on September 5, 1638, his parents were King Louis XIII of France and Anne of Austria, he was their first child. Louis inhereted the crown at the age of 4 after his father's death. He reigned until he died, he was nearly 77 years old, which means he was ruling for 73 years. Over his years he fought in three major wars the Franco-Dutch War, the War of the League of Ausburg, and the War of the Spanish Succession.
  • Peter the Great Birth

    Over his reign Peter I brought russia out of medieval times, he modernised the army, and created a navy. He became the tsar of the Russian empire and vastly expanded it in to a major European power. After Peter's death he still had a lasting affect on Russia.
  • Louis XIV Absolute Monarch

    The Assembly of French Clergy accepted the Decleration of the Clergy of France, which increased royal authority for Louis XIV. It made it so bishops could not leave France without Louis' approval. Also, government officials could not be excommunicated for acts tacken for their duties. It also made it so no law could come into affect without the approval of the king. By attaching nobles to his court Louis increased control over the French arisocracy.
  • Frederick William Prussia

    He was born on August 14 1688. He was the king of Prussia also known as the "Soilder King". He was not an awful ruler he was actually quite wise and he never started a war. He centralized and re-established much of Prussia.
  • Peter the Great

    Peter the Great conquered the Swedish land and turned it into St. Petersburg. He used 40,000 serfs each year to build this city and 1 conscript for every nine to sixteen people. Later once the city was built Peter moved the capital her instead of Moscow, it was know a seaport and a base for the navy.
  • Frederick William Prussia

    Major Event:
    In 1713 is when he became the king of Prussia. He was very focused on improving the army of Prussia.He made the manuel of Regulations which made it so every servant could find his duties.He strongly believed that law making and writing was stronger than all wars and fighting.
  • Louis XIV Death

    Four days before his 77th birthday died. His reign lasted 72 years longer than any other European monarch. He centralized the power to the king. Created laws to make himself have all of the power.
  • Peter the Great Death

    Peter the Great did from a bladder infection. Over his years Peter expanded his empire and improved his army. All he wanted was to gain more power, and that is all he had in mind while conquering his enemies.
  • Frederick Williams

    Frederick williams died on May 31, 1740. He was an absolute monarch because of his strong leadership and wise decisions. He rule by always takinng others in consideration. He was always ready foa war although he never started one but he kept his citizens safe.
  • Summary

    All of these absolute monarchs had different ideas for their power. Some of the monarchs ruled with fear and terror(Ivan the Terrible). Others ruled with wisdom and ideas(Frederick William). No matter how the ruled wether they were kind or brutal gained much power over different colonies.