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Peter the Great

  • Peter the Great's Family

    Peter the Great's father, Aleksey Mikailovich or Alexei, got married twice. His first marriage was to a lady named Maria Miloslasky, who had 14 children, not including Peter. Alexi was married to Maria for 21 years(1648-1669). His second marriage was to Natalia Naryshkin for 5 years(1671-1676) and who had Peter the Great. In total he had 16 siblings. (Encyclopedia of World Biography 253)
  • Louis XIV of France invades the Netherlands

    The Franco-Dutch War was a 6 year war(1672-1678). Involving France, Sweden, Munster, Cologne, and England vs. Dutch Republic. During the war a lot of changes happened. Such as, France occupied by Holy Roman cities and France and being a part of the Netherlands giving their empire to France. This war resulted in two treaties being formed, the Treaty of Westminster and Treaty of Nijmegen. Not only treaties were created but peace from everyone in the war was made. (
  • Birth

    Peter the Great was born in Moscow, Russia. His parents was Alexis of Russia and Natalya Naryshkina. His father, Aleksey Mikailovich, was Russia's tsar during important evens during the 17th century. Including wars with Poland and Sweden. His mother, Natalya, became the Tsaritsa of Russia once she was married to Alexis. (Encyclopedia of World Biography 253)
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  • Coming into power

    In 1682 Peter became Czar of Russia when he was just 10. In 1696 his brother, former ruler of Russia, died. This is when Peter was officially declared the ruler of Russia. He was the ruler for 29 years(1696-1725). During those years Peter worked long and hard to make Russia a powerful nation. He also accomplished a lot, such as, finding Saint Petersburg, making the government better, and established Russia's first newspaper. (World History Book 532)
  • Czar of Russia

    Before becoming officially the ruler of Russia, Peter was Czar of Russia while his brother was the ruler. In the late 17th century
  • Charles II enacts Declaration of Indulgence

    The Declaration of Indulgence were pairs of proclamations introduced by James II of England and VII of Scotland. This Indulgence helped give people freedom of religion by making people get conformity by the Church of England. This also ended religious oaths. The Declaration was supported and agreed by William Penn. The Anglicans was against this document because of religious and constitutional problems. (
  • Gloriuos Revolution

    The Glorious Revolution was when King James II of England, Scotland, and Ireland was overthrown by a protestant William II, his replacement. During this revolution, the invasion of England was successful by William III and his wife. Many didn't think this revolution was about foreign invasions but more like a personal war between the two. Once Scotland and Ireland heard about the invasion of England, there countries started bloody wars, which did not end well. (The Timetables of history 306)
  • Forcing Peter into marriage

    On January 1, 1689 Peter the Great was forced into marriage, when he was 17. Like his father,he too, was married twice. His first wife was Eudoxia lopukhin. She was chosen by Peter's mother because of an account of Eudoxia's mother in relation to boyar Fyodor Rtishchev. They were married for 9 years(1689-1698). Before getting a divorce they had a child, Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich. (Encyclopedia of World Biography 254)
  • Peter the Great reforms

    Peter wants to fix Russia's domestic problems. The first thing he did to help was he increased his power. He took control of the Russian churches and reduced the power of landowners. The other thing he did to help Russia was to modernize his army, making them stronger. He then helped the women's social status to help become more independent. The next step was to create a new capitol city. Once he found the right spot, he named it St. Petersburg. (World History Book)
  • Being Threaten

    Peter the Great's father was influential and was a well known person. He accomplished many things while his reign. But once he stepped down and Peter took over, Peter got a lot of threats. Peter's actions is where he got a lot of them. Such as, increasing taxes, westernization of the country, and bringing in foreign experts. All of those didn't help him. The biggest problem was the taxation because poor people couldn't pay them, which cause a lot of problems. (
  • The First Newspaper in America

    Americas first newspaper was published in Boston. The writer who published it was John Campbell, a bookseller and postmaster. The newspaper was a single sheet doubled and given to the public weekly. Before the newspaper there was a News Letter that had to do what was happening in London. Their new letter had to do with local events like fires, deaths, accidents, etc. After getting feedback from the pubic Campbell decided to make it longer, to a 4 paged newspaper. (Timetables Of History 307)
  • peter's second wife

    Peter was similar to his father. He was married twice. As mentioned, he was first married to Eudoxia Lopukhina. After there divorce, he got married to Catherine I, not forcefully. They were married for 13 years(1712-1725). Together they had 8 children, 6 daughters and 2 sons.
  • The Peace of Utrecht signed

    The Treaty of Utrecht is a bunch of Peace treaties in one document. This treaty was signed by belligerents . The treaties involved European states. It was made when the states were in war, and is what cause it to stop. Louis XIV, Philip V and other representatives were involved in the making of this treaty. This treaty gave peace between the European states and solved their problems. (Timetables of History)
  • Health

    Becoming more used to being in charged and becoming older, Peter started to get ill. This caused a lot of worries in Russia and word started to spread. On January 8th Peter suddenly passed due to health problems. (Encyclopedia of World Biography 255)
  • William Bradford establishes the New York Gazette

    William Bradford was a famous printer in North America. In 1693 he requested to be a public printer for New York. His first book he printed in New York was "New England's Spirit of Persecution Transmitted to Pennsylvania". After everyone read his book, he got Benjamin Franklin's attention. He went to meet Bradford and asked him if he wanted to work with him. Years later, he established the first Gazette in New York. (