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Catherine The Great

  • Catherine II's Birth

    Catherine II's Birth
    Catherine II of Russia, known as Catherine the Great was born May 2, 1729 in Prussia, modern day Szczecin, Poland. Her original name was Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg, which was then changed to Catherine II. Her parents Joanna Elisabeth of Holstein-Gottorp and Christian August, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst who had been hoping to have son, did not show a great deal of affection toward their daughter.
    ("Catherine II.")
  • The founding of Baltimore

    The founding of Baltimore
    Baltimore, Maryland was officially established in 1729 and named for the Irish barony of Baltimore. They created Baltimore as a port for shipping products like tobacco and grains. In Baltimore, during the American Revolution the trade extended all the way to the Caribbean. Baltimore is now a major seaport with a highly diverse economy, many ship repair facilities, and a lot of manufacturing of goods such as electronics and processed foods.
    (Oldenbourg) (Grun, bernard, pg 334)
  • Paul Revere is born

    Paul Revere is born
    On January 1, 1735 Paul Revere was born. He was the son of Apollos Rivoire, a French immigrant who had come over to America on his own at the age of 13. Revere took part in the Boston Tea Party, and was a part of the committee of safety. Revere is well known for yelling out "the British are coming", to warn people that the British were planning to attack. Paul Revere is a very important man in american history, and will always be remembered for his brave deeds.
    (Grun, bernard, pg 144)
  • The War of Austrian Succession

    The War of Austrian Succession
    In December of 1740, Prussia's army and king invaded the Austrian Province of Silesia. This invasion started a conflict that eventually had Prussia, Britain, and the united province against France, Bavaria, Spain, Saxony, and Sweden. These states wanted to diminish the Austrian power and take all of the Habsburg possessions for themselves. The British army sent 16,000 men to support the Austrians. In 1742, Austria and Prussia made peace.
    (Historical fiction online) (Grun, Bernard, pg 335)
  • Married to Peter III

    Married to Peter III
    On August 21, 1745 Catherine II and Peter III got married. They did not have a happy marriage because they were both young and immature when they met, and when they got married. They had a political marriage that was loveless and there was no romance or affection, and it was run by Peter III's aunt. Because Catherine the great's husband preferred not to spend time with her, she took on other pastimes like reading extensively.
    ("Catherine II") (Catherine the Great)
  • Catherine's son paul is born

    Catherine's son paul is born
    Catherine the Great's son Paul was born September 20, 1754 in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was "sidelined" for years from his mother. He finally became emperor of Russia after the death of Catherine the Great. It was later revealed that Peter III was not actually the father of Paul and that their marriage was never actually consummated.
    ("Catherine II") (Oldenbourg)
  • Lisbon, Portugal Earthquake

    Lisbon, Portugal Earthquake
    During the eighteenth century, Lisbon was the largest city in Portugal, it also served as the capital city, and was one of the largest port cities on the Atlantic. About 10% of the three million people living in Portugal, lived in Lisbon. The earthquake caused many buildings to collapse, killing the people who couldn't escape. As a result of the earthquake, a tsunami followed and killed thousands of people. It is estimated that 10,000-50,000 people were killed that day.
  • Catherine II's daughter Anna is born.

    Catherine II's daughter Anna is born.
    Anna Petrovna, Catherine II's daughter was born December 12, 1757. Anna died at a very young age, before she even turned 2. She was named after the mother of Peter III. Unlike her brother Paul, it is not known that Anna is the definite daughter of Peter III and Catherine II. It is said that Peter III is not the real father of Anna Petrovna, and that is because Catherine II and Peter III had a loveless relationship.
    (Russia, pg 56)
  • The empress of Russia dies, so Catherine the Great starts a coup to become empress

    The empress of Russia dies, so Catherine the Great starts a coup to become empress
    Peter III became the emperor of Russia following the death of his aunt, Empress Elisabeth of Russia. After people started to dislike Peter III as emperor, Catherine II started a Coup to become empress. After about six months of Peter III being emperor, He mysteriously got shot, so Catherine II got crowned the empress of Russia. Some people believe that it was Catherine the great who ordered him to be shot.
    (Catherine The Great) (Rice, Tamara Talbot)
  • Peter III, Catherine the Great's husband becomes ruler of Russia

    Peter III, Catherine the Great's husband becomes ruler of Russia
    After his aunt died, Peter III became the emperor of Russia in 1762. But then six months later, he also died. During his rule, he withdrew from the Seven Years War and formed an alliance with Prussia, which made people dislike him because Prussia was Russia's enemy. All of this change that Peter III made, started making people think that he had a plan to expand Russia westward, but he never got a chance because he wasn't emperor for long enough.
    ("Catherine II")
  • Catherine II's husband Peter III was assassinated

    Catherine II's husband Peter III was assassinated
    On June 28, 1762, Peter III was arrested and forced to step down from the throne. He was taken to Ropsha, outside St. Petersburg, where he was allegedly assassinated on July 17. This is the most accurate information on how he died even though it has never been confirmed. Even though Catherine II says that she did not order the assassination, some people still question it.
    (Historical fiction online) ("Great")
  • Catherine the Great becomes empress of Russia

    Catherine the Great becomes empress of Russia
    Catherine the Great became empress of Russia by what some people consider a "coup" which is an illegal seizure of power. It is believed by some that Catherine II ordered Peter III's assassination so that she could become the empress of Russia. This would make sense considering that they had an unhappy, loveless marriage, and they both had other lovers.
    (Oldenbourg) (Catherine the Great)
  • Catherine II writes the Nakaz

    Catherine II writes the Nakaz
    In 1767 Catherine II writes the document known as the Nakaz. The Nakaz is a book that recommended liberal, humanitarian political theories for use as the basis of government reform and the formulation of a new legal code. It favored individuals being free, and all men should be equal before the law. Sadly this book had little impact on Russia and it neither reconstructed the government or prepared a new legal code. Catherine II never made any further efforts to change it.
    (Russia, pg 67)
  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre
    The Boston Massacre was a tragic event that occurred in Boston, in 1770. During this event, the people were throwing snowballs and whatever they could get their hands on, at the British soldiers. The people felt the British were treating them unfairly and the unfair British rule. The soldiers got mad at the "mob" throwing things at them resulting in the soldiers shooting their guns and killing about five people, and leaving about three people injured.
    (grun, Bernard, pg 336) ("Great")
  • The rules of cricket were first written up.

    The rules of cricket were first written up.
    On February 25, 1774, the very first rules of cricket were written up in a pub, inside of Pall mall. Prior to the rules being written the game of Cricket existed but the rules were inconsistent, or made up during the game, to try and help their team win. The group of men wrote these laws to help the game become more official, and prevent people from making up rules on their own.
    (first laws of cricket) (Grun, Bernard, pg 349)
  • Catherine the Great's death

    Catherine the Great's death
    It is said that Catherine the Great's death was a result from a stroke, which is mostly true. After she collapsed, she never fully recovered. Doctors brought her to her bed while trying to save her, and priests were praying, trying to save her soul, but neither of these methods ended up being successful. That night at nine o'clock Catherine the great had officially died from natural causes, as a result of not fully recovering from her stroke.
    (Rice, Tamara Talbot, 105)