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Peter the Great

  • Period: to

    Peter as a child

    Peter, as a child, mostly played violent games which can be assumed to be part of why he grew up to become a very military focused leader
  • Peter watches members of his family get killed

    When Peter was only 10 years old, a mob came into the Kremlin and killed many of Peter's family members including his uncle. This shows how Peter grew up in a violent atmosphere
  • Period: to

    Married to Eudoxia Lopukhina

    In 1689, Peter's mom arranged for him to marry Eudoxia Lopukhina. Peter was 17 at the time. This was mostly a political act, however, Peter payed little attention and exiled her in 1698.
  • Peter takes over Azov

    Peter takes over Azov
    In order to gain access to the Black Sea, Peter took over Azov in 1696
  • Period: to

    Traveled through Europe for education

    From 1696 to 1698, Peter traveled incognito through Europe for the purpose of education. He visited manufacturers, barracks, schools, interviewed scientists & technicians as well as worked in a shipyard. When visiting the English Houses of Parliament, he was disgusted with how the common folk dared to publicly discuss and critize the policies of the nation
  • Peter works at a shipyard

    Peter works at a shipyard
    During Peters trip to Europe, he worked in a shipyard for four months in Amsterdam. Here he learned how ships were crafted.
  • Beard Tax

    Beard Tax
    In 1698, Peter established a tax on beards and decreed that nobles and officials must wear Western clothing. This was to introduce the western customs he had observed during his travels into Russia.
  • Plans to take power from half-sister

    Plans to take power from half-sister
    A new revolt in Russia happened and it worked in the favor of Peter. When this happened he thought of the idea to overthrow his half-sister. He was able to successfully remove Sophia from power. Ivan and Peter still ruled together but Peter had the majority of the power.
  • Peter cuts his beard

    Upon his return to Russia, peter cut his beard to show how he wanted to westernize Russia
  • Forces Eudoxia to become a nun

    Peter the Great forces his ex-wife, Eudoxia, to become a nun
  • Julian Calendar is introduced

    In order to continue his westernization, Peter introduced the Julian calendar in 1699
  • Period: to

    Northern War

    In order to now gain access to the Baltic Sea, Peter fought Sweden. The war lasted 21 years.
  • Peace of Constantinople

    Peace of Constantinople
    Officially ended the war between Russia and Turkey about Azov and Russia secured the land
  • Education expands

    Education expands
    Education was also one of Peter's big priorities. In 1701, he opened the first School of Navigation and Maths in Moscow. He also founded schools for artillery, language, medicine, engineering and science
  • Peter gains control over church

    After the head of the church, Patriach Adrian died, Peter did not replace him. Instead a government department took over the church in 1701 which meant that it was under Peter's rule.
  • Beginning of St. Petersburg construction

    Beginning of St. Petersburg construction
    Peter ordered many Russian Peasants to work to build up St. Petersburg. Many of them died due to the extremely hard work and the poor working/sanitary conditions. He also punished anyone who tried to escape.
  • Newspaper was established

    Newspaper was established
    In 1703, Russia's first newspaper called the "Vedomosti" was established. It was issued by the state
  • Period: to

    The Turkish War

    While fighting against the Swedes in the Northern war, Peter was also fighting the Turkish since Turkey had declared war on Russia. Peter lost the war signed the treaty of Adrianople in 1713 which stated that Azov would belong to Turkey.
  • Marries Martha Skavronskay

    In 1707, Peter the Great marries a Polish-Lithuanian peasant named Martha Skavronskay secretly. It is made official in 1712
  • Peter's kills his son tsarevich Alexei

    After being tortured by his dad, Peter the Great, tsarevich Alexei, dies in 1718. Peter tortured him because he had heard theories that Alexei was planning on overthrowing him.
  • Peter's passion for art

    Peter was very interested in arts and in 1718 he ordered a decree saying that everything that was "old and important" was to be brought to him for his great collection. This collection later became Russia's first museum.
  • Collegia is established

    In 1719, Peter established government departments known as Collegia. This implied that more politically important areas received more political autonomy which meant that they were basically self-governing but are under the control of the government. While smaller, more rural areas were controlled directly by the state.
  • Church regulations

    In 1721, regulations stating that the clergy was to work for the state and convince people that Peter was the greatest man ever except for god. This gave the state full control of the church
  • Treaty of Nystad

    Officially ended the Northern War and Russia had secured the land.
  • Peter's title is changed

    Peter's title is changed
    As a reward for gaining access to the Baltic Sea, the Senate of Russia changed Peter's title from tsar to emperor.
  • Table of Ranks

    a formal list of ranks in the Russian military, government and royal court is established. With this new system, anyone including commoners, could work their way up to a power of position.
  • Period: to

    The Persian Campaign

    In 1722, Peter invaded Persian territory and in 1723 the Persians gave up and gave the western & southern shores of the Caspian in return for military help from Russia as they were also being attacked by the Ottoman Turks
  • Ivan V dies

    Ivan V dies
    Ivan dies and Peter gains complete power