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Peter the Great

By jmlee
  • Ottoman War

    Ottoman War
    Turks declare war on Poland after having conflicts between each other. First Ottoman forces charged into Polish Ukraine and took the fortress at Kamieniec Podolksi. After a while they made a peace treaty and came together as one. This war ended 1676.
  • Third Anglo-Dutch War

    Third Anglo-Dutch War
    English and France forces joined together to invade the dutch. This occurred in the North Sea, New York and Saint Helena. The dutch wins and they created the treaty of Westminster.
  • 1st Copyright Law Enacted by Massachusetts

    1st Copyright Law Enacted by Massachusetts
    In 1639 the first printing press was introduced to Massachusetts. Soon after in 1672 they enacted a copyright law. This law protected any author in Massachusetts from their writing being stolen.
  • Peter the Great is born.

    Peter the Great is born.
    Born in Moscow, Russia, Peter the Great was born into the House of Romanov.
  • Paris Becomes Center of European Culture

    Paris Becomes Center of European Culture
    The culture in Paris consists of arts, music, museums, festivals and other entertainment. Paris as many attraction like Musee Picasso, Musee Rodin etc. Landmarks and objects like the Eiffel tower brings people into Paris.
  • Joint Rule

    Joint Rule
    Peter the Great was coming to the age of becoming a tsar but Ivan was still in power. Ivan's successor passed before he was able to take the thrown so they need someone else. Peter the Great was liked by many cause of intelligence so they chose him to become the new successor, but there was a problem. Many still like Ivan so they decided that they world joint there power and have a primary and secondary tsar. This lasted 14 years, till the death of Ivan.
  • Isaac Newton Creates Natural Laws

    Isaac Newton Creates Natural Laws
    Isaac Newton was a smart man that invented many new ideas and laws. One of his most important laws created were called the Natural Laws. These laws created lots of new scientific discoveries in future days.
  • The Massacre of Glen Coe

    The Massacre of Glen Coe
    Clan Donald was a huge force within the highlands of clan system. The Maclains were a trouble causing group that were not liked by many clans. A clan known as Campbell led government troops in to lands of the MacDonalds and massacred 38 MacDonalds.
  • Captured City of Azov

    Captured City of Azov
    Peter the Great began his rule ready to do whatever it takes to make Russia strong and powerful. He knew that the first thing he needed was a water port so he looked towards the Azov Sea which had access to the Black Sea. A Turkish fort was set up on the Azov Sea and was needed to start his warm water port. He invaded the fort and successfully took it over.
  • Becoming Czar

    Becoming Czar
    After Ivan died Peter the Great soon became Czar of Russia. This is going to lead to many successful years of making Russia a world power.
  • The Great Embassy

    The Great Embassy
    Soon after Peter the Great gained some land on the Azov Sea he wanted to use this port to sail towards western Europe. He wanted to learn more about the modern life style after being cut off from Western Europe. This lasted for about a year till Peter I returned to spread his new ideas on his country.
  • First Russian Navy

    First Russian Navy
    After coming back from the Great Embassy he decided to create a navy to protect his warm water port. This navy would lead to Russia becoming one of strongest world powers.
  • Russia's First Standing Army

    Russia's First Standing Army
    Along with the navy, Peter the Great wanted to strengthen the military and its ability to fight and takeover other pieces of land. This new military creates all new opportunities that leads to Russia's success.
  • Building St. Petersburg

    Building St. Petersburg
    After learning about the fancy palaces in western Europe Peter the Great wanted to replicate the ideas. He started to build a grand palace as big as a small town. This palace consisted of large gold statues and elegant rooms and decorations.
  • Swedish Army Defeated

    Swedish Army Defeated
    With high hopes the Swedish army pushed into Russia. What they didn't know was they were going to be overwhelmed in less than 2 hours. The Swedish army retreated losing lots of soldiers, weakening their military.
  • Peter the Great's Death

    Peter the Great's Death
    After many years of great leadership Peter the Great passed away. He left behind many new traditions and made Russia a world power. Without Peter the Great Russia would have been a thing of the past.