Ivan the terrible (cropped)

Ivan the Terrible, Czar of Russia

  • Aug 25, 1530

    Ivan IV Vasilyerich aka Ivan the Terrible is Born

    Ivan was born on August 25, 1530 in Russia in the city of Kolomenskoe (Giuliano and Perón 517), near Moscow. His father, Vasiliy, was a Boyar, which is another word for a noble. His mother was a princess and her name was Helen (Axelrod and Phillips 148). They both moved to Moscow with Ivan. Ivan would stay here and live here for the majority of his life.
  • Mar 19, 1532

    Sugarcane first cultivated.

    Sugarcane was first cultivated in Brazil. This was important because sugarcane is an important factor in some countrys economically and even socially. Sugarcane is still used today in many ways. (Grun 237)
  • Dec 3, 1533

    Ivan's Father Vasili III dies.

    Vasili III, Ivan's father, dies becasue of an abcess in his right hip while on a hunting trip. He attempted to get help but it was too late. Ivan was only three years of age and had to take the throne. He was too young to do this so his mother substituted in his place untill he was of proper age to rule. ( Axelrod and Philips 148-149)
  • Jan 1, 1537

    Ivans uncles executed.

    Ivan was only about seven years old at this time and he had to witness the horror of four of his uncles being executed. Also, other important people of the court were executed infront of young Ivan. This would scar Ivan for life and it was events like these that led Ivan to insanity later in life.(Blumberg 126)
  • Dec 13, 1538

    Ivans mother dies.

    Helen, Ivan's mother, died possibly as a result of poisoning. Ivan and his cherished brother were devastated. The death of Helen marked the begining of the rule of the boyars over Russia,Ivan , and his brother Yuri. The boyars would continue to rule for 9 years.( Axelrod and Philips 149)
  • Dec 13, 1547

    Ivan frees himself from being controlled by boyars.

    Ivan and his brother Yuri have been abused, mistreated, misfed, and misunderstood for a total of nine years. The boyars showed very little care for the two. Ivan, filled with rage over throws the boyars and crowns himself "Czar of All Russias". The nine years of agony for Ivan are yet another factor leading Ivan to insanity later in life. (Axelrod and Philips 150)
  • Jan 1, 1549

    Ivan calls together Zemskii Sabor.

    The Zemskii Sabor was a form of meeting similar to the gathering of the representatives in European countrys. Ivan made a code of laws and put the laws and the Zemskii Sabor to the test. He saw that they had made good choices and the meeting was a sucsess for Russia. (Riasanovsky 145)
  • Jan 1, 1555

    Tobacco brought to Spain from Americas for the first time.

    Tobacco was a very popular and a very wanted product in this time period. It was taken and smoked in pipes. It was very very valuable. The Americas earned alot of money buy growing tobacco and sending it to countrys like Spain to be sold for a huge profit. (Grun 245)
  • Jan 1, 1556

    Ivan establishes military regulations.

    Ivan regulates and standardized military activity. He introduces a new rankikng system, and new provsion distribution system. Doing this, he emphisizes his skill as a leader and his ability to make good choices for the betterment and well being of Russia. (Riasanovsky 146-147)
  • Jan 1, 1560

    Ivan enters in the Livonian War.

    The Livonian War was a war started because of the Livionian Order's oppostion to the expansion of Russia and the allowance of Russia to the areas around the Baltic. The muscovites were very sucsessful and they captured about 20 Livonian strongholds. The result of the war was that the Livoian Order disbanded due to significant loss.( Riasanovsky 146)
  • Jun 22, 1561

    Madrid named capital of Spain.

    King Philip II makes Madrid the captial of Spain because of its strategic location and its potential to grow in size. It remains the captial still today. It also now is one of the most visited cities in all of the world. (Grun 247)
  • Jan 1, 1562

    John Hawkins journeys to the new world.

    John Hawkins was the son of a very wealthy ship builder. Becasue of this, he had alot of experience in ship building and ship commanding. He journyerd to the new world and aided in the begining of the slave trade. He was a very notorious privateer and was knighted for his actions against the Spainish. ( Grun 249 )
  • Sep 26, 1580

    Francis Drake with Spanish treasure returns to England

    Sir Francis Drake was an etremely notorious privateer. He plundered the seas and defeated any enemy vessel in his way. He made many journeys across the sea including the journey to the new world with his cousin John Hawkins. Both would later become important in the slave trade. (Grun 257)
  • Jan 1, 1581

    Ivan's rage causes him to kill own son.

    After so many years of pent up anger and horror, Ivan finally snapped. Ivan Struck and killed his own son and his soon to be Czar of Russia. Ivan was extemely depressed after and spent the next three years of his life in agony. (Axelrod and Philips 150)
  • Sir Walter Raleigh discovers Virgina.

    Sir Walter Raleigh discover and annexes Virgina. Specifically, he chooses a place in wich a colony could be built. This place is later known as Roanoke. Although Roanoke would later lead to failure, this event marks the begining or American colonialization. (Grun 245)
  • Ivan the Terrible dies.

    After ruling for about 37 years, Ivan dies. His death was most likely as a result of posioning. His final 3 years of his life were filled with rage and torment. Ivan lived to change Russia for ever.
    His achivements will remain a part of history for the rest of time (Axelrod and Philips 152)