Russian skyline

Russia Timeline: Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great

  • Aug 25, 1530

    Ivan the Terrible born

    On this day, Ivan the Terrible was born. Supposedly the sky split open on the moment of his birth, heralding the joys and tragedies that Ivan would bring to Russia.
  • Jan 1, 1543

    Ivan makes first deadly play for power

    (NOTE: Exact date is not known, but the year is) In 1543, at the age of 13, Ivan IV made his first deadly play for power, executing a rival of his.
  • Jan 16, 1547

    Ivan The Terrible's Crowning

    On this day, Ivan the Terrible was crowned "Czar of all the Russias." Ivan was also the first person to be crowned Czar.
  • Period: Jan 16, 1547 to

    Ivan the Terrible's Reign

    During this time period, Ivan the Terrible was on the Throne of Russia, ruling as Czar.
  • Jun 24, 1547

    Moscow Fires start

    On this day, Moscow, which was at time time built entirely of wood, lit up into a grand fire. About 2,700 to 3,700 people were killed, not including children. Blame was placed oon Ivan's maternal relatives, the Glinskys, by the Muscovites.
  • Jun 1, 1552

    Russian Army attacks Kazan

    (NOTE: The exact day is not known, but the moth and year are.) On this date, Ivan IV's army lay siege to Kazan, a Tatar stronghold. His victory here resulted in his now more commonly known name being given to him from his troops: Ivan Grozny, or "Ivan the Terrible" It would be worth noting that in modern English "Grozny" more accurately translates to "the awesome."
  • Mar 12, 1560

    Ivan's First Wife Dies

    (NOTE: Exact date is not known, only the year) In 1560, Ivan's wife, Anastasia Romanovna, died of a lingering illness. From this point on, Ivan truly fulfilled the meaning of his nickname "Ivan the Terrible," becoming paranoid and emotionally distraught.
  • Dec 1, 1564

    Ivan abandons throne

    (NOTE: Day is not known, but month and year are) Ivan leaves Moscow to supposedly visit some monastaries, but in reality, he abandoned the throne in his paranoia.
  • Feb 1, 1565

    Ivan returns; sets up Oprichniki

    Ivan returned to Moscow, and shortly afterwards set up the Oprichniki, a secret police force to do his bidding.
  • Ivan kills his son

    On this day, Ivan noticed that his pregnant daughter in law, Elena, appeared immodestly dressed. He attacked her, causing her to miscarry. His son rose to defend his wife, which then led Ivan the Terrible to kill his son. The importance of this is that in the process, Ivan killed his only possible heir to his throne.
  • Ivan the Terrible dies

    On this day, Ivan the Terrible died of what appeared to be a heart attack. Some have speculated that he might've died of syphilis or mercury poisoning.
  • Peter the Great's Birth

    On this day, Peter the Great was born.
  • Peter the Great crowned Czar

    At the tender age of 10, Peter I was crowned Czar of Russia on this day.
  • Period: to

    Peter the Great's Reign

  • Streltsy Revolt; Peter gains complete power

    Once more, the Streltsy revolted, pushing Peter's 25-year-old sister Sophia from the throne. After Ivan's death (Peter ruled Russia alongside his brother Ivan), Peter became the true, complete Czar of Russia.
  • Period: to

    Northern War

    (NOTE: Exact start day of war is not known, but the month and year are, and end day of the war is not known, but month and year are) This was the war between Russia and Sweden, with Russia's Peter the Great making a push to the Baltic Sea so he could have his dream of Russian ports on the Baltic, enabling easier trade with Europe and further Westernization of Russia.
  • Peter moves Russian Capital to St. Petersburg

    (NOTE: exact day and month are not known, but year is) Peter moves the Capital of Russia to his newly built town of St. Petersburg.
  • Peter tries and convicts his son

    (NOTE: Exact day is not known, but month and year are) Peter's son, Aleskey, fled the country for both loathing and fearing his father. He was tricked into returning in 1718, and charged with high treason, tortured and condemned to death, dying in prison before the execution.
  • Peter crowned Emperor

    On this day, Peter was crowned Emperor of Russia, turning Russia into the Russian Empire.
  • Baltic Sea coast ceded to Russia

    (NOTE: Exact day is not known, but month and year are) After a long, brutal series of battles with the Swedes, Peter gained control of a large stretch of coast on the Baltic Sea. This fulfilled his dream of being able to have Russian ports on the Baltic, allowing for trade with Europe, and further Westernization of Russia. This also allowed him to begin construction of the town that is now named after him: St. Petersburg.
  • Peter invades Persia

    (NOTE: Exact day and month are not known, but the year is known.) In 1722, Peter invaded Persia to gain land, and a year later, parts of the Caspian Sea were ceded to Russia by Persia.
  • Peter saves soldiers from drowning; health begins to deteriorate

    (NOTE: Exact day and month are not known, but the year is. Month is only August due to the time peroid of this event being in the fall) In the fall of 1724, upon seeing some soldiers in danger of drowning in the Gulf of Finland, Peter I plunged into the icy water in an effort to help save them. As a result, though, Peter became very sick (possibly of pneumonia) at which point his health only went downhill until his death in January of 1725.
  • Peter the Great's Death

    On this day, Peter the Great died.