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Peter the Great

  • The Birth of Peter The Great

    The Birth of Peter The Great
    Peter The Great's real name is Pyotr Alexeyevich. He was born in Moscow Russia. He ruled as a Tsar in Russia for a collective 43 years. In the 17th century he made extensive long lasting reforms to Russia. His father was Czar Aleksey Mikhailovich also known as Alexis of Russia.(
  • King Philips War

    King Philips War
    In 1675 the King Philips War breaks out. The Indians were furious that the colonists in North America were taking more and more of there land. King Philip rallied his troops and went to war with the Boston and Plymouth colonists. In the end the colonist prevailed showing there strength and solidifying the colonists stay in America.(
  • Natural Rights

    Natural Rights
    John Locke was an English philosopher. In 1690 he created the idea of Natural rights or a human understanding. It stated that all people have the right to life, liberty, and property. When Americans wrote the Constitution they used these ideas but mortified it to say we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.(
  • Peter Becomes Tsar

    Peter Becomes Tsar
    In 1682 Peter ruled jointly with his brother Ivan V of Russia. But he became ill and died. This time with his brother prepared him to rule. In 1696 he became the sole Tsar of Russia. Peter vowed to change Russia for the better. He made good on his promise.(
  • The Grand Embassy

    The Grand Embassy
    Peter thought he needed a warm water port to become a world power. But Sweden controlled all the ports so Peter needed allies and a good Navy. He traveled to Europe under an allies so he could go about the streets with no one noticing him. Along the way Peter learned and saw a lot of different culture in Europe. When he goes back to Russia he puts these new concepts into place.(Crescente)
  • The Northern War

    The Northern War
    Peter attacks Sweden for control of a warm water port. He needed one in the Black and Baltic sea area. In the beginning Russia suffered bad loses but after the Russian win in the battle of Poltava it turned the tides. Russia won the war and gained a warm water port.(Northern War)
  • The Spanish Succession

    The Spanish Succession
    The war of Spanish Succession took place in 1701. It was the last of Louis XIV's wars. This war lasted many years.The peace treaty Utrecht ends this conflict. In result of this war the British Empire rises in power.(
  • St. Petersburg is Built

    St. Petersburg is Built
    After he acquired land on the Baltic sea coast he decided to build a new Capital. Its name is St. Petersburg. Peter took inspiration from Europe and wanted something that could rival Versailles. It took thousands of workers to finish the new Crown Jewel of Russia.(Strickler 35)
  • Rebellions in Russia

    Rebellions in Russia
    When Peter was in Europe he had to return home due to a number of large rebellions. He was ruthless towards the rebels and tortured over 1200 of them. After this things settled down but in 1707 another rebellion began. The Bulavin Rebellion was the worst of all and Peter had to send in his army to stop it. Peter didn't hold back and this sent out a message that peter had a short temper and people shouldn't mess with him or Russia.(Anivudh)
  • The Steam Pump

    The Steam Pump
    Thomas Newcomen was a British engineer. In 1712 in England he invented an atmospheric steam engine. It was the first useful steam pump that was built. It was most commonly used in mines. It sped up lots of hard laboring jobs during this time period.(Gopinathan)
  • A New Marriage

    A New Marriage
    Peters mistress Catherine was a peasant. He had been with her for many years but after he got back from Europe things changed. He realized he wanted to be with her and divorced his current wife. Peter crowned her as his Empress and she would go on to rule Russia after he passes. She is mostly known as Catherine The Great. ( Anirudh)
  • Peters Son

    Peters Son
    Peter had a son with his ex wife Eudoxia. His name was Alexei Petrovich. During Peters Rein he was known to be very paranoid. When he caught wind the his son and ex wife were plotting to take the throne he didn't take it lightly. He had his son tortured and set an execution date. But before the execution he died in jail due to the torturing.(Anirudh)
  • Peter Becomes Emperor

    Peter Becomes Emperor
    Following the Northern War Peter decided he wanted to become Emperor of Russia. He did this to show power and to further more westernize Russia. Europe and other world powers recognized Peter as Emperor but the Russian people did not.(
  • Slavery

    In 1723 slavery was officially abolished in Russia. In reality serfdom just took the place of slavery. It was hard to tell the difference between. But it showed Russia was progressive.(
  • The Thermometer

    The Thermometer
    Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was a German physician from Germany. He made the first mercury thermometer. This invention is used daily in todays society and has made life easier.(Gopinathan)
  • Peter The Great Dies

    Peter The Great Dies
    Peter was never in good health for most of his life. Doctors told him something was wrong with his uranary track. Today we know his blatter was infected with gangrene. He had an emergency surgery. But Peter never fully recovered. Peter The Great died in February 1725 at the age of 52. Peter was a very influential person in Russian history.(Wallace 164)