The Dogs of Winter

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    The Dogs of Winter

  • Happiness

    Ivan is with his mother, and all is good. They are able to eat everynight, and are very happy.
  • Grandmother

    Ivan's grandmother dies. His mother now has to work two jobs late into the night, just so they can eat.
  • New People

    Ivan's mother meets a new man. Soon, he is comes over often. They fight a lot around Ivan.
  • The City

    The new man beats his mother. One day he hits her hard, Ivan heres a door slam. The man is all alone. He takes Ivan to the city, he is going to be put into an orphanage.
  • Running

    Ivan takes off and deserts the man. He is on his own now. He meets kids in a train station. They are not nice, but they get him food and a place to sleep.
  • Dogs

    Ivan decides he is not going to live with these people. He meets dogs. He names one of them lucky. Lucky takes him to the pack, all the dogs like him.
  • Living with Dogs

    Ivan now lives with the dogs, he has named nmost of them. Lucky, Rip, Little Mother, Grandmother, and the leader Smoke. He has not yet named the puppies.
  • The Trains

    Ivan and the dogs ride the trains for warmth. They never stay on one train for too long.
  • The Woods

    Ivan needs a new place to live. The streets are crowed, he thinks that the dump would be a good place. When he gets there, he meets mean people. He runs into the woods. He exlpores for a long time. Ivan finds a nice tree with good shelter to live.
  • Amusement Park

    Ivan is exploring the woods, when he finds an amusement park. He gets a lot of food here. Ivan must go in the morning when no one is there, or he will not get anything. He also likes to sit up in the tree and listen to the song that the ferris wheel plays.
  • Bones

    Ivan and the dogs find a pile of bones. There is still meat on the bones, so the dogs eat. Plus, they chew on the bones. Then one day while they are exploring the bones, another pack of dogs attacks. Ivan finds a large bone from the animal, and uses it on the dogs. He is pinned on the ground but is rescued by Smoke.
  • War

    The dogs are exploring the bones one day, when another pack of dogs attacks. The dogs stay strong and fend off them, and Iva uses his club to crack a few skulls as well.
  • Biggest Boar in all of Russia

    Ivan and the dogs are going exploring in a different part of woods that they have never explored before. Whileexploring a large boar attacks. The dogs try to fend it off, but they are no match. Ivan uses his club on the boars head, and it cracks in half! Ivan had killed the boar.
  • Naming the Puppies

    Ivan realized that it was time to name the puppies, he named the boy puppy Moon. The girl puppy was named star.
  • Back to the City

    The weather was starting to get cold, and Ivan thought it was best that he went back to the city so they could stay warm.
  • Back to the Woods

    The dogs and Ivan go back to the woods. They find there home in the tree and are happy.
  • The Woman in the Hat

    Ivan sees a woman paint by the stream everyday. The woman finally catches him, he lets him paint. She also brings him food.
  • On the Run

    The woman in the Hat has ason who is the police chief. She tells him about Ivan. Ivan is now wanted. Ivan goes back to the city. He is able to live for awhile with the dogs. Then all goes wrong.
  • Caught

    Ivan is finally caught. They take himt o a hospital, and he lives there for awhile. The dogs come every night and bark for him. Then, one day they take him to an orphanage. He paints pictures of the dogs, people come from all around to see these paintings.