19 Minutes Timeline by Aspen Florey

By af3174
  • Birthing Class

    Birthing Class
    Alex had to rush out of birthing class because she had to defend a client.
  • Alex's Choice

    Alex's Choice
    When Alex goes back to visit Lacy, Alex tells her she isn't keeping her baby and that she is giving her up for adoption.
  • Josie's Dad

    Josie's Dad
    Alex reveals that the father of her baby is her college professor Logan Rourke.
  • Alex's Realization

    Alex's Realization
    After Alex holds Lacy's baby son Peter, Alex realizes that she does not want to give up her baby.
  • The Birth

    The Birth
    During labor the pain was excruciating and she wanted it all to end. But it was all worth it when Alex got to hold Josie.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    On the first day of school, Peter was happy he sat with Josie on the bus. But then an older boy started to pick on Peter and the boy threw Peter's new lunch box out of the bus window.
  • Josie Is Sent to the Principal

    Josie Is Sent to the Principal
    Josie gets sent to the principal's office because she beat up a boy, Drew, who was picking on Peter
  • Teacher Conferences

    Teacher Conferences
    At parent-teacher conferences, Peter's teacher tells Lacy Peter is going to have to step up if he wants the bullying to stop. If Peter does not do this, Lacy will not let him play with Josie
  • Alex's New Job

    Alex's New Job
    Alex applie for the Judge position and she recieves the job.
  • Playing With a Gun

    Playing With a Gun
    Peter finds his father's gun and shows it to Josie. Alex gets very upset and she takes Josie home.
  • Peter Learns to Use a Gun

    Peter Learns to Use a Gun
    Peter's father tells Peter that he is going to take him hunting soon. His father shows Peter how to load and use a gun.
  • First Day of Sixth Grade

    First Day of Sixth Grade
    Drew purposely spilled milk all over Peter's new school binder.
  • 9/11

    While the kids were at school, terrorists attacked the twin towers. Josie was extremely emotional, while Peter felt relieved when the day and the incident was over.
  • Soccer Practice

    Soccer Practice
    After soccer practice ended, Drew and Matt Bullied Peter and broke his glasses while they were dressing in the locker room.
  • Josie's Realization

    Josie's Realization
    While working on a timeline about the American Revolution with Courtney Ignatio, Josie tries on lipstick for the first time and realizes how easy it is to become a different person.
  • Hunting

    Peter and his father go hunting for the first time. Peter got scared and he couldn't shoot the deer.
  • The End of a Friendship

    The End of a Friendship
    After Peter stands up for Delores Keating, Josie tells Peter she is different when she is with her other friends. Josie tells Peter she can't hangout with him anymore.
  • Joey Bullies Peter

    Joey Bullies Peter
    While Peter was in the bathroom, he overheard his brother and another boy making fun of him.
  • Josie Finds Her Father

    Josie Finds Her Father
    With the help of Peter, Josie was able to find the adress of her father.
  • Class Presentation

    Class Presentation
    Peter presents his pie chart about school popularity. He puts Josie as the bridge between different popularity groups. Josie gets embarassed and tells Peter not to talk to her anymore.
  • Josie Meets Her Father

    Josie Meets Her Father
    Matt takes Josie to meet her father. Her father doesn't want anything to do with Josie and he pays her to leave.
  • Matt Abuses Josie

    Matt Abuses Josie
    After Josie tells Matt she doesn't want to leave Maddie's party, he gets angry and he grabs her and leaves bruises.
  • Joey Dies

    Joey Dies
    After coming home late, Peter's parents tell him his brother died in a car accident.
  • Lacy's Advice

    Lacy's Advice
    Peter tells his mother that he has a crush on a girl and Lacy tells him he should tell that girl how he feels.
  • The Email

    The Email
    Courtney logs into Josies email and she finds the love note Peter wrote to Josie. Courtney forwards it to everyone at school.
  • Peter Gets Bullied

    Peter Gets Bullied
    After Courtney tells Peter that Josie likes him back, he tries to talk to Josie at lunch. Matt makes fun of Peter and he pulls his pants down.
  • Josie Is Pregnant

    Josie Is Pregnant
    After Josie and Matt have unprotected sex, Josie finds out she is pregnant.
  • Peter Steals a Gun

    Peter Steals a Gun
    While getting gas from his neighbor, Peter steals one of his handguns.
  • Peter Grabs a Pistol

    Peter Grabs a Pistol
    After seeing the email he wrote to Josie that was sent to the entire school, he is sent over the deep end and he puts a few pistols in his backpack.
  • During the Shooting

    During the Shooting
    While hiding out in the locker room, Matt tells Josie that he loves her.
  • Josie Shoots Matt

    Josie Shoots Matt
    One of Peter's guns falls out of his backpack and Josie picks it up. Josie turns towards Matt and she shoots him.
  • Their Secret

    Their Secret
    Peter and Josie make a deal that if Josie didn't tell Peter's secret he wouldn't tell hers.
  • Signal 1000

    Signal 1000
    As detective Patrick Ducharme was driving around town, he heard the radio signal called Signal 1000 and he was notified of a shooting at Sterling High School.
  • Carrying Josie

    Carrying Josie
    Patrick witnesses the aftermath of the shooting. He finds the shooter, a dead boy, and Josie in the locker room. He carries Josie safely out of the school.
  • Lacy Arrives at the School

    Lacy Arrives at the School
    Lacy arrives at the high school and she searches for Peter. As she is searching, she hears a high school girl say that Peter was the one who fired shots in the school.
  • Patrick Meets With Peter

    Patrick Meets With Peter
    After Peter is taken into custody, detective Patrick tries to talk to Peter but he won't say anything about the shooting.
  • The Last Victim

    The Last Victim
    Patrick and Dr. Frankenstein walk through the school and notice that the last victim was the only one shot twice.
  • Jordan McAfee

    Jordan McAfee
    Jordan McAfee agress to defend Peter in court because he believes Peter deserves a fair trial.
  • Josie Finds Out Matt Is Dead

    Josie Finds Out Matt Is Dead
    Patrick tells Josie that Matt died. She starts to sob hysterically.
  • Josie Sees Haley

    Josie Sees Haley
    While leaving the hospital Josie sees Haley Weaver. Haley was shot in the face and she was covered in bandages. Josie started to shake and she wished she didn't see her
  • Alex Wants To Judge

    Alex Wants To Judge
    Although Alex's daughter was a student in the shooting, Alex wants to judge this case because she believes she can be impartial.
  • Matt's Memorial

    Matt's Memorial
    During Matt's memorial service, Josie walks up to his casket and starts to sob.
  • Lacy Sees Peter In Jail

    Lacy Sees Peter In Jail
    Lacy meets Peter in jail. She realizes that he is a different boy then she use to know. Peter tells his mother that she never really saw the real him.
  • Peter Talks to Jordan

    Peter Talks to Jordan
    Peter tells Jordan about all the bullying he has gone through since elementary school. Peter tells Jordan that the people he shot started it.
  • Slashed Tires

    Slashed Tires
    Because Jordan is defending Peter, someone slashed the tires on his car.
  • Josie Watches a DVD

    Josie Watches a DVD
    Josie sneaks out of her room in the middle of the night to watch an old DVD of her friends and Matt. She takes off the neckalce Matt gave her and she hides it in the couch.
  • Josie Leaves the House

    Josie Leaves the House
    Alex decides to take Josie out of the house for the first time since the shooting and Josie ends up having a panic attack.
  • Memorial

    A makeshift memorial of crosses was set up for the victims of the shooting and sometimes there would be one for Peter.
  • Nothing Has Changed

    Nothing Has Changed
    At school Drew shoots spitballs at a student. Josie realizes that nothing has changed after the shooting.
  • Peter is Charged

    Peter is Charged
    Peter is charged with first-degree murder for 10 people, attempted first degree murder, and possesion of firearms and explosives.
  • Jordan Puts Josie on Witness List

    Jordan Puts Josie on Witness List
    In order to force Alex to step down from the case, Jordan puts her daughter Josie on the witness list.
  • Peter's Birthday

    Peter's Birthday
    On Peter's birthday he gets a roommate in his jail cell. He breaks the kid's glasses because he wanted to be alone on his birthday.
  • Court

    During court, Dr. King Wah testifies and claims that Peter has PTSD and he was in a dissociatvie state during the shooting.
  • Lacy Is Called To Testify

    Lacy Is Called To Testify
    While Lacy was testifying, the father of Maddie Shaw stood up and accused Lacy of being a bad mother.
  • Peter Testifies

    Peter Testifies
    Peter is called up to testify. He wanted to tell everyone why he did what he did, but he breaks from script and says something he shouldn't have.
  • Josie Testifies

    Josie Testifies
    Josie remembers what really happened that day at school. And when she is called up to testify she tells the court that she shot Matt.
  • Peter Is Charged

    Peter Is Charged
    Peter is charged with 8 first-degree murders and 2 second-degree murders. While he is laying in jail, Peter sticks his sock down his throat and kills himself.
  • Alex's Job

    Alex's Job
    Alex went back to being a public defender instead of a judge.
  • Sterling High A Year After

    Sterling High A Year After
    A year after the shooting, Sterling High changed. The lockers were open cubbies, everyone had to wear IDs, and there were chairs in the cafeteria dedicated to the victims.
  • Alex Is Pregnant

    Alex Is Pregnant
    Alex is pregnant with her and Patrick's baby.