Peter der grosse 1838

Peter The Great

  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Peter the Great was born in Moscow, Russia who was originally born with the name of Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov. the Romanov's were a very extensive family with a lot of history. they ruled a very long time and made some important reforms such as centralizing power for all of Russia.
  • First description of bacteria

    First description of bacteria
    A scientist by the name of Anton Van Leeuwenhoek made many important discoveries in the feild of science.One of the more important ones being in the year 1764. In this year Anton decided to look at bacteria under a microscope and describe it. This doesn't seem like such an important event but bacteria happens to be the first form of life and what everything evolved from.
  • Louis XIV

    Louis XIV
    When Louis XIV was in his 20s and was making some very important moves while he was ruling France Peter was about 4 years old and knew just about nothing and was in the prescence of his almighty and powerful father. Louis had already won some historical battles but Peter was just born and who knows, he might have even looked up to him as a leader. but probably not.
  • Became czar

    Became czar
    On his tenth birthday Peter ended school and became the czar of Russia. At this age he was under a lot of stress but since he was so young, it barely phased him. Even at such an early age, Peter was able to create an army.
  • Newton discovers first law of motion

    Newton discovers first law of motion
    Sir Issac Newton was making some suprising and remarkable theories about the laws of motion while peter the great was in rule of Russia. such as the first law of motion or inertia. which is a theory that states an object at motion will stay at motion unless an opposing force acts upon it.
  • Gold rush

    In 1693 people who were mining found gold in Brazil. This casued a breakout pretty much and the world spread fast. This was definetly a gold rush and the first one in the history of America. This was when peter was about 11 years old so this was his second year as czar and who knows what he did but what 11 year old doesnt want gold.
  • Goes to and studies Europe

    Goes to and studies Europe
    Peter wanted Russia to be more like europe with its culture, language and other aspects of life because Russia was getting a little out of hand. Peter then decided to travel to Russia with the sole purpose of finding out how Europe was run and how the people felt about it. All of this was undercover, of course. He did not want to be noticed by the people of europe.
  • Calendar

    When Peter became czar, Russia had a calendar where it began on September 1st instead of January 1st. He thought this didnt make sense of course because most people were Christian. So he even made some minor changes that helped people's lives be what they actually wanted.
  • Reforms to the military

    Reforms to the military
    At 27 years old Peter createa a standing army. Each of the soldiers recieved equal training and equipment so no one had an advantage. Before, his other army was a lot less experienced and did not have the weapons or armor needed to be a force with all the other armies.
  • The Black Plague

    The Black Plague
    One of the biggest epidemics was going on in Europe during the reign of Peter the Great. this bubonic plague had started way before he was born in the 1300s but was so bad that it lasted all the way up until the late 1700s. the plague killed nearly 75 percent of all of europe's population causing it to be known world wide even today.
  • Northern War

    At the time of this war. Peter was shaing the title of czar with his half brother Ivan V. He was only ten or eleven years old so he was not exactly sure of what to expect. But now he was almost thirty years old now and had gotten pretty used to ruling at this point. This was a very important war that Russia ended up being victorious in.
  • St. Petersburg

    After Peter got control and access of the Baltic Sea through his victories in the Great Northern War. Peter had been a great leader and made many memorable reforms for his country and the people of Russia. He built a standing army that helped him win some pretty important battles. He changed education, society, and government for what a lot of people thought was for the better and after about 20 years of being czar he decided to make a new capital called St. Petersburg
  • "The Great"

    Peter the Great changed many things for Russia. One of the most important reasons he is called the great is because of what he did to modernize Russia. He took the time to travel to Europe undercover and looked for what worked in their society and brought it over to Russia. Unless you really care about your country you wouldnt go to such lengths like peter did.
  • Peter defeats Sweden

    In 1706 Sweden decided to attack two cities in Russia and Peter the Great and his amy were not happy about this after they lost the city of Poland. Peter took his army of over 20,000 men and horses towards Sweden and were defeated the first time by a suprise attack from the Swedes. Hope was almost lost but they came back and defeated the Sweedish forcing them to surrender.
  • Government

    Peter made many reforms in many different areas. He changed the type of government Russia had. They originally had a tyranny which no one wants. Peter didnt change that part much but he was fair to everyone and everyone liked what he did in all because why else would he be called "The Great"
  • Date of Death

    Peter the Great passed away after only 53 years of life. He accomplished many unthinkable tasks that are very impportant to our history today. Peter the Great was truly gret and will be remebered.