Peter the great

Peter the Great

  • Peter the Great is Born

    Peter the Great is Born
    Peter the Great was born on this date in Moscow, Russia to his parents, Father Alexis of Russia and his mother Nataliya Naryshkina. Peter was the 14th of Alexis childrean and an unlikely heir to the thron. THisis significant because he later becomes the first Tsar of Russia. source ( source (
  • Isaac Newtons discovery about white light

    Isaac Newtons discovery about white light
    Isaac newtond discovered that white light is a spectrum mixture of distinct coloured rays. many people were facinated by newtons example of how light alone is responsible for color. this discovery was significant because it helped people understand the color rays. many painter circles were based on newtons discovery. source ( source (
  • Peter the Great's Father Dies

    Peter the Great's Father Dies
    Alexis the first dies on January 29 , 1676, his death set off a chain of events which would eventually see Peter installed as Peter I of Russia. In the meantime the crown was passed onto his half brother Feodor III, who was very sick. source ( source (
  • Ole Romer and the Speed of Light

    Ole Romer and the Speed of Light
    Ole Roemer (1644–1710) became the first person to measure the speed of light. Before that, scientists assumed that the speed of light was either too fast to measure or infinite. The dominant view, vigorously argued by the French philosopher Descartes, favored an infinite speed. source ( Source: (
  • U.S. State of Pennsylvania founded by WIlliam Penn

    U.S. State of Pennsylvania founded by WIlliam Penn
    King Charles II of England had a large loan with Penn's father, after whose death, King Charles settled by giving William Penn a large area west and south of New Jersey. Penn called the area Sylvania (Latin for woods). Charles changed to Pennsylvania in honor of the elder Penn. Source: (
  • Feodor Dies

    Feodor Dies
    Feodor had many illnesses that he eventually succumed to at the young age of 20. Ivan, Peter's brother was the next heir to the throne blocking Peters path to the crown. Feodor's dealth is significant because Peter and Ivan now have a open path to the crown. source (
  • Peter and Ivn are Crowned

    Peter and Ivn are Crowned
    Peter's half brother was next in ln line for the throne. Ivan was sickly like feodor. Ivan was infirm mind unlike his predecessor. This resulted in him being jointly crowned with the new Peter I of Russia. This act eventually brought an end to the moscow uprising and Ivans puppet reign served as an appeasment. source (
  • Isaac Newton Discovers 3 Physical Laws of Motion

    Isaac Newton Discovers 3 Physical Laws of Motion
    Newton presented his three laws of motion in the principia mathematica philosphiae naturalists. This discovery was a scientific breakthrough which opened the door for new ideas into the world.

    1.Every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it.
    2.Force equals mass times acceleration
    3.For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Source:(
  • Death of Ivan V

    Death of Ivan V
    Ivan was plagued with physical adn metal diabilities. This brought about his dealth in Febraury 1696. He ruled on in name with Peter. His dealth brought about Peter's sole Tsadom at the age of 23. source ( of russia)
  • Peter's Tour of Europe

    Peter's Tour of Europe
    The european tour was a notorious trip undertaken by Peter and his delegation. This tour was in a attempt to gain assistance from Western European monarchs to achieve Peter's dream to moderize Russia. He wanted to secure help to battle the Grand Ottoman Empire. This trip futile. source (
  • Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine

    Thomas Savery patents the first steam engine
    English engineer and inventor who built the first steam engine.Savery patented (1698) a machine consisting of a closed vessel filled with water into which steam under pressure was introduced, forcing the water to a higher level; when the water was expelled, a sprinkler condensed the steam hence the steam engine. source ( Source:(
  • The Great Northern War

    The Great Northern War
    after peace was made with the ottoman empire peter focused on gaining territory in the baltic states. this began the great northern war which lasted for twenty one years. the war was long and bitter but ultimitley russia was succeful and established itself as a major europena power. this was the defining point in peters reign.
  • Founding of St. Petersburg

    Founding of St. Petersburg
    At this point in Peter's reign, he had captured the swedish fortress of Nyenskans and quickley laid down the first bulding block of the city, St. Petersburg was soon build and named after peter himself. This event is significant because St. Petersburg became the capital city of Russia. source (
  • Benjamin Franklin was Born

    Benjamin Franklin was Born
    Benjamin Franklin was born. He later was a big part in american history only as an inventor but as a politician, One of the foremost of the Founding Fathers, Franklin helped draft the Declaration of Independence and was one of its signers, represented the United States in France during the American Revolution, and was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. source ( Source:(
  • Peter becomes ill

    Peter becomes ill
    During the winter of 1723 Peter fell ill with serious problems with a blocked urinary tract. He had to go through an emergencey opperation and the blockadge was cleared. After the surgery Peter never recovered. It was certain he would die. source (
  • Peter the Great Dies

    Peter the Great Dies
    When Peter endured sickness at the begining of 1723 he began to fall into a coma. He died two years later in 1725 with his autopsy revealing his blatter was infected with gangrene. It was an unthinkable end to one of the greatest of all russian leaders. source (