Peter the Great Lifetime

  • Hose

    In 1672 a flexible hose was created. It was created for the use of fighting in fires. This is significant because it gave the firefighters for accuracy and was easy to handle (
  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Peter the Great was born in Moscow, Russia by the parents Alexis and Natalya Naryshkina. Alexis was the czar of Russia from 1629-1676. Natalya Naryshkina became the second spouse of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich on Febuary 1, 1671. This event is significent because Peter the Great became the czar of Russia after Alexis's death (Byers 253).
  • Voyage

    In 1683 William Dampier began his voyage around the world. In his voyage he found new lands, animals, species,settlers,etc. This is significant because it created the way for a new life (
  • Marriage

    Peter the Great was to married Eudoxia Lopukhin by his mother. Eudoxia was actually named Praskovia Illarionovna but it was changed when Eudoxia married Peter. Peters mom thought that Eudoxia sounded better, so therefore she changed it. Peter broke up with Eudoxia in the 1690s. This is significent, because it led the way for Catherine I to take the throne( Catherine I was Peters wife at the time) (Byers 253).
  • Pendant Barometer

    Pendant Barometer
    The pedant barometer was created in 1695. It was cretated by M.Amontons. To many people around the world it is considered to be more curious than it is to be useful. This is significant because it was the start of a new instrument and many more instruments were to come (
  • Period: to


    Peter the Great was the czar of Russia for 28 years. This is significent because he helped Russia become the country it is today. He had a very positive impact on Russia and helped Russia gain more land and settlers (Byers 253).
  • Period: to

    Grand Embassy

    The Grand Embassy was a life changing journey for Peter the Great. He searched for allies in the fight against the Ottoman Empire and wanted to strengthen economic cooperation between Europe and Russia. The Grand Embassy lasted 1 year and what occurred due to the Grand Embassy brought Russia to its height and power (Byers 254).
  • Changes to Russia

    Peter the Great made many changes to Russia due to the influence the Grand Embassy had on him and Russia. In 1721, 4 years before Peter died, he took control of the church. Then, on December 16, 1702 he started the first newspaper. This is significent because it led the way for other things to happen in Russia. Positive things (Byers 254).
  • The Great Northern War

    The Great Northern War
    The Great Northern War was a battle fought to compete for the Supremacy of the Swedish Empire in Northern and Central Europe. It lasted 21 years and was bitter. As a result, Russia won when sweeden agreeded to make peace terms with the other countries(such as Great Britian and Hanover). Russia now consideres themself the most powerful country in Europe (Byers 254).
  • French Settlement

    French Settlement
    A French settlement was found on the Moblie River in 1702. Also seated there, was a government and Fort Louis. Unfortunately in 1711, Fort Louis was forced to abandon the Mobile River due to floods. This is significent because new land and water ways were discovered (
  • Victory

    Peter the Great led a victory versus the Sweedens at Navara and took the mouth of the Neva river. He named it St. Petersburg after him. This is significent because it helps Russia gain more land, it which helps more settlers to come (Byers 254).
  • Issac Newton

    Issac Newton
    March 3, 1703 Robert Hooke dies. Newton is soon to publish his book "Optics", in which was completed years before hand. In 1703, Issac Newton was elected president of the royal society of London (
  • Navara

    At last, Peter the Great captured Navara from the Sweedens.This battle was known as the Battle of Poltava. This significent because it once again helps gain more settlers for the gained land (Byers 254).
  • New Orleans

    New Orleans
    New Orleans was founded by the French, but then ruled by the Spanish for about 40 years. Many significent battles took place here. Such as the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Today New Orleans is struggling with poverty and the weather(hurricanes,floods,etc) (
  • Peace Treaty

    Peace Treaty
    In 1721 the Great Northern war was going on for 21 years now. Sweeden applied many treaties to the Great Northern War but not of them were actually accepted. Until 1721, Sweeden offered a peace treaty to Great Britian and Hanover and they accepted. This was the last peace treaty in the Great Northern war. This is significant because it finally ended the Great Northern War and Russia was now known as the most powerful country in Europe (Byers 254).
  • Date of Death

    Date of Death
    Peter the Great died in St. Petersburg, Russia. When Peter the Great dies, his wife Catherine I took over. Peter the Great helped out Russia in many ways. Whether it was gaining land or settlers, he was a great czar of Russia (Byers 254).