Absolute Monarchs

By TDUB777
  • Feb 24, 1500

    Charles V (Spain) Born

    Charles V was born in Ghent, Netherlands. His parents were Philip I (Fair of Habsburg-Ruler of the Netherlands) and Joanna of Aragon and Castile (Joanna the Mad). In the Castilian Cortes of Valladolid of 1506, and that of Madrid in 1510 he was sworn as the Prince of Asturias, heir-apparent to his mother the Queen Joanna
  • Aug 25, 1530

    Ivan IV (The Terrible) Born

    Born: August 25, 1530. Was a Grand Prince of Moscow in 1533 until 1547. Ivan's Reign undeniably changed Russian history. Ivan becamae the first ruler to be crowned as the Tsar of All Of The Russians.
  • Jan 1, 1541

    Charles V (Spain) Major Event

    Charles V declears war on Protestantism.This is important because he was fighting for his religion and what he thought was right. Declears Martin Luther as an outlaw. (Diet of Worms).
  • Jan 1, 1550

    Ivan IV Sudebnik of 1550

    Sudebnik of Tsar Ivan IV is a revised code of laws instituted by his grandfather Ivan the Great. This code can be considered as the result of the first Russian Parliament of the feudal Estates type of 1549
  • Sep 21, 1558

    Charles V (Spain) Death

    He left the Netherlands for Spain and lived near monestery of Yuste until he died on September 21, 1558. By way of contrast, Charles V governed for the most part without calling the Cortes, or the Spanish Parliament, into session, which he had to do in order to raise taxes, so he could pay for an army and navy.
  • Ivan IV Death

    Ivan IV died from a stroke. Ivan was only 54 years old when he died. Ivan was brutal, extremely suspicious, and perhaps, at times, insane. He formed a special police force and began a reign of terror in which he ordered the arrest and murder of hundreds of aristocrats.
  • Louis XIV of France Born

    Born: September 5, 1638. Reign of 72 years and 110 days. Louis XIV had the longest reign of any Monarch of a Major Country in European history.
    Died: September 1, 1715. Louis XIV was an absolute monarch because he ruled France directly
  • Louis XIV Attempting to Expand

    Louis tries to expand France's boundaries. He captured Spanish Netherlands and gained 12 towns for his country. Confident with his success, he led his army to invade the Dutch Netherlands, but, they had failed. Still, France gained several towns and even a region called Franche-Comte.
  • Peter I (The Great) (Russia) Born

    Peter the Great was born in Moscow, Russia to his parents, Father Alexis of Russia and his mother Nataliya Naryshkina. Peter became tsar (At 10 years) in 1682, jointly with his half-brother Ivan. At first Peter's older half-sister Sophia held power as regent, but in 1696 he began to rule alone.
  • Peter I (The Great) Ruling Alone

    Peter the Great half brother Ivan V dies and Peter is now able to rule alone with no tension from the Tsar Alexis family line. Peter was now supreme ruler and Tsar of Russia.
  • Frederick William (Prussia) Born

    Frederick II Of Prussia was born on January 24, 1712. He was born in Berlin. Frederick II Of Prussia was educated as well as a common folk, but excelled in the art of war. He also easily learned French and German. Although his father Frederick William I wanted his education to be strickly religious and pragmatic, Frederick II Of Prussia read poetry and had philosohpy lessons. This event was important because it let Frederick be able to go on to be a King.
  • Louis XIV Death

    Louis dies tragically. Louis XIV died in his bed and the news of his death made France happy. They had had enough of him. He realizes that the wars have ruined France, he regrets all the suffering people had to go through.
  • Peter I (The Great) Death

    On a cold winter day the great Tsar of Russian passes away after a long battle with many health issues. Peter dies, leaving an uncertain succession of his throne. After his Grand Embassy to the West, he single handedly transformed Russia into a Western Country complete with Western Dress and Western customs.
  • Frederick William (Prussia) 7 Years' War

    He was well-prepared with his army, and crossed the frontier and invaded Saxony. This began the Seven Years' War. This war lasted until 1763. This event was important because this was one of his longest wars.
  • Frederick William (Prussia) Death

    Frederick died in an armchair in his study in the palace of Sanssouci. He wanted to be buried next to his greyhands on the vineyard errace. But he was entombed nex to his father. This event was important because no one respected his wishes after he died.
  • Similarities of the Influental Men

    Some Similarities between these influental men of the past are, obviously, most of them were not the first of their family to rule, this meaning that most of these men had examples of what to do and what not to do based off of their family members. A second similarity is that these men were all good leaders. Not all of them were rulers, but they were leaders, and none of these men were cruel in an unusual way, thus making them somewhat good leaders.
  • Differences of The Influental Men

    Of course, no 2 people are the same. We all have our differences, and these men had no exceptions. A difference was how they ruled. Obviously, the better leaders lead for longer periods of time. Perhaps the leaders that did not rule for long just did not know what to do at the time or they were bored. We shall know when the time-machine is invented!