A Day In My Life

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  • I was born (personal)

    I was born at UT Hospital to David and Linda Maples around lunch-time.
  • Parents married (personal)

    My biological father left me when I was 6 mos old and never came back so my mother remarried to the man who has taken care of me for the last 21 years. Regardless of blood, Donnie Thomas is my daddy.
  • The worst day of my life! (personal)

    The most precious person to me in the world was taken from me and we laid her to rest on my 9th birthday. My mamaw now walks with God.
  • High School Tutor (professional)

    I became a Algebra tutor while I was in my sophomore year of high school. This event is what sparked my interest in teaching in the first place. It made me realize what I wanted to do with my life and that every student who came through there that I helped was an acheivment for me and for them. I loved it!
  • I was accepted to CNC (Professional)

    This was the first time I was accepted. However, I found out 2 weeks later that I was pregnant with my daughter and I had to postpone my education for a little while.
  • Graduated High School (personal)

    I graduated from Carter High School in Strawberry Plains, TN.
  • My High School Prom (personal)

    I went to my prom with my high school sweetheart and daughter's father. It was a wonderful night.
  • Katelyn was born (personal)

    Katelyn was born (personal)
    I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the world and named her Katelyn Nicole.
  • Introducing Beano (personal)

    Introducing Beano (personal)
    I got my crazy kitty, Beano from a lady who was holding an estate sale for her late mother, whose cat had just had kittens. When I stopped by to look around, she said I could pick one and take it home. Beano was named for the gas medicine because he has gas.
  • K's 1st day of school (personal)

    K's 1st day of school (personal)
    This day was just as significant for me as it was for her. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time and it was so hard to let her go. I sat in her room and cried after I dropped her off that day.
  • Became a tutor (professional)

    I was close to a little girl who had just started middle school and was having a lot of trouble with Math. Given, I'm not good at Math but I did well in her grade level so I began tutoring her twice a week at the public library conference room. After a couple months, her grade rose 2 letter grades and she was so proud. This made me remember why I wanted to become a teacher in the first place and motivated me enough to push me to finish it.
  • Graduated Pellissippi (personal)

    I graduated from Pellissippi State with an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts - History.
  • I was accepted to CNC (professeional)

    I was accepted a second time 10 years later to finally achieve my dream of being a teacher. I want to graduate with honors and am almost there.
  • I got married (personal)

    I got married (personal)
    I married Dennis Lay at Honeymoon Hills in Gatlinburg, TN.
  • I graduate from CNC (professional)

    This is the most important date in professional career for me. I hope to graduate with honors. I want to work in Jefferson County schools. The reason why I put this date on here is because it's what I strive for every day and it is the most important motivator.
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