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A Bit of My Life

  • Birth

    I was born in San Diego, California. My fater was not there at the time (he was out at sea), however, he did pass out illegal Cuban cigars in celebration. We still have the box they came in (it is super nice and i think there is still a couple left).
  • Princess Diana's Death

    Princess Diana's Death
    Princess Diana, of Wales, died in Paris. She died in a car crash which was in a tunnel. She was being chased by the dreaded, paparazzi. I was with my mother when this was announced, she tells me the story a lot becase I forget what happened too much.
    (picture is of the car she was in after the crash)
  • Cross-Country Trip

    Our family moved from California to North Carolina. We drove here in a van with a full-sized dog! Apparently one of my favorite things to do from then on was watch my brother as he watched Barney.
  • Cape Hatteras Moved

    Cape Hatteras Moved
    Cape Hatteras was moved 350 feet off of the North Carolina coast. This was to help avoid its destruction of waves and other natural dangers. This, beleive it or not, set a record for North Carolina as well.
    (picture is of lighthouse during the process)
  • Moved to Youngsville

    Just over eleven years ago, my family moved into Youngsville. My parents bought the same house we are living in today.
  • Census

    Census of 2000 is taken in US. The total population then was 281, 421, 906 with more females (50.9%) than males (49.1%). The median age for Americans is 35.5 years.
  • Terrorist Attack

    Terrorist Attack
    Terrorist attack the US's famous twin towers and bring them down. Fear suddenly strikes the US and hungers us for "revenge." This "revenge" was recently served up (see 5/1/2011).
  • First Legal US Same-Sex Marriage

    First Legal US Same-Sex Marriage
    Making history, Massachustts holds the first, legal, US same-sex marriages.
  • Katrina's First Hit

    Katrina's First Hit
    Hurricane Katrina's first, of many, hits on Flordia and the US. It is category one at the time. It will eventually lead to unimaginable devastation nationwide.
  • Period: to

    Fourth Grade

    This was a life-changing year for me! I had my favorite teacher (who sadly retired over that summer and I have not seen her since) and discovered what I wanted to do when I got older (with her help, of course). I have so many wonderfulk memories from then!
  • First African American President Elected

    First African American President Elected
    Barack H. Obama was officially elected to be the US's first African American president on November 4, 2008! He was inagurated on January 20, 2009 (I remember his inaguration and that day ing general very well, I can prove it!)
    (picture is of the Obama family on election night)
  • Another Life-Changing Event

    I beleive this is the day (it s a close approximation) I got over thirteen inches chopped off of my hair. I donated it to an organization my aunt participates in (she is the hairdresser who cut it). After that, it was only slightly shorter than it is now. post script it really did change my life!
  • Tarheels Win (AGAIN!!!!) :D :D :D

    Tarheels Win (AGAIN!!!!) :D :D :D
    As a TARHEEL born, breed, and eventuallyy dead; I was exstatic when THE University of North Carolina (at Chapel Hill) won the NCAA National Championships (AGAIN), but I was not the least bit surprised. The final score was UNC with 89 and Michigan State with 72.
  • Puppy Batch One

    Puppy Batch One
    Our dog's first batch of puppies is born. There were originally nine but one was killed the day of birth and another weeks later. We ended up keeping three which are now bigger than there mother! We named the last three Delia (my mother's dog), Jack (Josh's dog), and Delilah (my dog!).
    (picture is of Delilah)
  • Grandmother Dies

    Grandmother Dies
    My grandmother (of my mother's side), Elsie MacKenzie, died. She died of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (basically). She was one of the best!
  • Vegetarian Lifestyle Begins

    Vegetarian Lifestyle Begins
    I started a new vegetarian lifestyle on February 24, 2011. So far, it has not been so bad and as of this Thursday, it will have been 100 meat-free days!
  • Royal Wedding

    Royal Wedding
    This was the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I did not pay much attention to the actual event (I had to work on german all day) but what i did see was a fairytale wedding which broke traditon in just the right ways!
  • Osama bin Laden REPORTED Dead

    Osama bin Laden REPORTED Dead
    Osama bin Laden was REPORTED dead late at night on natinowide news casts. He was murdered in Pakistan by US Navy Seals. VICTORY, as the world's most-wanted man is dead.
  • Puppy Batch Two

    Puppy Batch Two
    This month our dog, Other Dog, had another adorable batch of puppies! Eight were born, however, two died. One was mmurdered and the other was deprived in and out of the womb so sadly, it died a few days after birth. The six that are left are adorable and love to have a fan blown into their faces (it makes them act like models!).
  • Grandfather Dies

    Grandfather Dies
    Two weeks ago tomorrow, was the final day of life for my grandfather (of my mother's side), James MacKenzie. He was a genius (smartest person I will ever meet), a pastor (famous!), and one of the best to ever live-not kidding!