The Texas Revolution

  • Land Offer

    Spanish agreed to allow Moses Austin (pictured) start a colony there, provided the settlers follow Spanish law
  • Period: to

    The Texas Revolution

  • Mexican Independence

    Shortly after Stephen F. Austin arrived in Texas, Mexico successfully gained its independence from Spain
  • Mexico Outlaws Slavery

    Slave owners became angry when Mexico outlawed slavery, and they wanted to mantain slavery so they could grow cotton
  • Exponential Growth

    By 1830, the population swelled to about 25,000, with Americans outnumbering the Tejanos 6:1
  • War Begins

    War Begins
    Santa Anna (pictured) learned of a letter writtin by Austin, and if his demands were not met, wrote Austin, he would support breaking away from Mexican rule
  • Santa Anna Send In More Troops

    Santa Anna Send In More Troops
    Mexican soldiers march to the town of Gonzales
  • San Antonio

    San Antonio
    Santa Anna surrounded San Antonio
  • Texans Meet

    Texans Meet
    Texans meet at a settlement called Washington-on-the-Brazos, and Sam Houston (pictured) was placed in command of the Texas army
  • The Alamo

    The Alamo
    The Mexican enter the Alamo after camping outside for eleven days
  • Victory At San Jacinto

    Victory At San Jacinto
    Houston supriesed Santa Anna and in just eighteen minutes, the Texans killed more than half of the Mexican army; Santa Anna was captured
  • The Lone Star Republic

    The Lone Star Republic
    Texans raised the official flag of the independent nation of Texas; Sam Houston was elected President