the texas revolution

  • Land offer

    Land offer
    spanish agreed to allow american Moses Austin to create a colony in Tejas. The picture is Moses Austin
  • Period: to

    the mexicain fevelution

  • Mexican independence

    Mexican independence
    Mexico fought for there independece from the spanish
  • no more slavery

    no more slavery
    in 1829 slavery became big for one thing and that one thing was cotton
  • exponential growth

    exponential growth
    the graph to the left shows the growth of american outpopulating the mexican population shown on a graph.
  • teaxns revolt against mexico

    teaxns revolt against mexico
    Austin went to mexico city with a list of reforms and complaints.
  • marching

    mexican soldiers marched into the town of Gonzales.
  • Surrounding San Antonio

    Surrounding San Antonio
    Santa Anna's troops surrounded San Antonio. the next day the Mexican Army started a saige on the Alamo.
  • War ends

    War ends
    The war between Texas and Mexico ends
  • fight for the alamo

    fight for the alamo
    they met a settelment and Sam Houston was placed in command of the teaxas army. (Sam Houston showed on the left)
  • settlement

    on this date the Texans met a settlement called Washington On The Brazos which decided what to do about Santa Anna's troops.