Texas flag

the texas revelution

  • land offer

    land offer
    Spaniish agreed to allow AMericain Moses Austin to creat an colony in tejas. picture id of mosse Austin
  • Period: to

    the mexicain revelution

  • mexicain independence

    mexicain independence
    the mexicains got there independence from the spainish.
  • No More Slavery

    No More Slavery
    mexico Out laws slavery. Americain farmers are very mad
  • outnumbering

    the Americains outnubered the mexicains 6 to 1, with a population of 25000
  • complants

    Auston goes to Mexico City to say his set of reforms
  • mexicain rebel

    mexicain rebel
    the mexicain solders walk into the city of gonzalas
  • the alamo

    the alamo
    the seige begain for the Alamo it went on for thirteen days
  • new Genral

    new Genral
    Sam huston was named the gernal of the texas army
  • the end in the Alamo

    the end in the Alamo
    On the Thirteenth day the mexicains jumped the wall and killed all the soldiers in the texains army
  • the turning point

    the turning point
    the texains suprise attack the mexicains at San Jacinto killing half the mexicain army in 18 minutes.
  • own country

    own country
    texas finds it self to be its own country they call it the Lone Star republic