The texas state flag

The Texas Revolution

  • Land Offer

    Land Offer
    Spanish agreed to let American Moses Austin start a colony in Texas if the settlers agreed to follow the Spanish law.
  • Period: to

    The Texas Revolution

  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    Mexico successfully gained its independence from Spain.
  • Mexican Slavery

    Mexican Slavery
    Slave owners became angry when mexico outlawed slavery.
  • Poputlation Growth

    Poputlation Growth
    The colony had about 25,000 settlers, with Americans outnumbering the Tejanos: six to one.
  • Requests

    Austin went to Mexico City to present a list of requested reforms to mexican officails.
  • Orders

    mexican soldiers marched to the town of Gonzales.
  • battle of the alamo

    battle of the alamo
    more then 1,000 mexicans died. and all but 7 texans were dead.
  • texans met at a settlement

    texans met at a settlement
    sam houstan was placed in command of the texas army.
  • 800 angry men

    800 angry men
    tejanos, american settlers, and many free and enslaved african americans, doubled houstans army.
  • houstan's surprise

    houstan's surprise
    in just 18 minutes then texans killed more than half of the mexican army.
  • lone star republic

    lone star republic
    texans raised the official flag of the independent nation. sam houstan was elceted president.