Texas flag

The Texas Revolution

  • Land Offers

    Land Offers
    To defend the land from hostile Native Americans, The Spanish government offered huge tracks of land to empresarios people who agreed to find settlers for the land.
  • The Tejas

    The Tejas
    Mexico successfully gained independence from spain. The Tejas were now a part of the new nation of Mexico.
  • Angery Slave Owners

    Angery Slave Owners
    Slave owners became angry when Mexico outlawed slavery in 1829. They wanted to maintain slavery so they could grow cotton.
  • Tejanos Out numbered

    Tejanos Out numbered
    By 1830, the population had swelled to about 25000, with americans out=numbering the Tejanos six to one. Tensions increased.
  • War Begins

    War Begins
    A war began in 1833. Austin went to Mexico City to present a list of requested reforms to mexican officials. The most urgent request was that Texas become a self governing state within Mexico.
  • Sending more troops

    Sending more troops
    Mexican soldiers marched to the town of Gonzales. They had orders to seize a cannon used by the Texans for protection against Native Americans.
  • San Antonio surrounded

    San Antonio surrounded
    Santa Amma's troops surrounded San Antonio. The next day, Mexicans began their siege of the Alamo.
  • Washington on the Brazos

    Washington on the Brazos
    Tesans met at a settelment called washington on the Brazos to decide what to do about Santa Anna's troops.
  • Battle to Freedome

    Battle to Freedome
    Houston surprised Santa Anna near the San Jacinto river. The Texans advanced screaming "Remember the Alamo" and "Remember Goliad."
  • Freedome

    Texans raised the official flag of the independent nation of Texas, nicknamed the Lone Star Republic. Sam Houston was elected President.