Texas revolution

The Texas Revolution

  • American Settlers in Texas

    American Settlers in Texas
    Moses Austin wanted to find a coloney for Americans in Spanish Texas.The spanish goverment offered huge tracts of land to people who agreed to find settlers for the land called empresarios.

    *Moses Austin
  • Period: to

    The Texas Revolution

  • Independence

    Mexico succesfully got its independence from spain. The spanish land grant given to Austin's father was worthless because of the change in government. *Texas Independence Day
  • Slavery in Mexico

    Slavery in Mexico
    Slave owners in Mexico were upset of the outlawed slavery because they wanted slaves to do the work on cotton fields. Austin persuaded the government to allow slaves on plantations. *Cotton plantion on the Texas border
  • Americans in Texas

    Americans in Texas
    *Population in 1830
  • Rebellion

    In 1833 Austin went to Mexico City for requests. Of these requests the biggest is that Austin asks for Texas to become a self-governing state within Mexico. Santa Anna agrees but soon finds a letter that Austin wrote saying Texas will try and break away from Mexico. Austin was jailed for almost a year.
  • Come and Take It

    Come and Take It
    Mexican soldiers entered the town of Gonzales with orders to take a cannon that they were using for protection against Native Americans. Texas volunteers hung a flag over the cannon saying "Come and Take It". The soldiers failed to capture the cannon
  • The Alamo

    The Alamo
    Santa Anne's troops surronded the Alamo. Two days later Travis of Texas wrote he will never surrender or retreat.
    *Travis's letter
  • Washington-on-the-Bronzos

    Texas met at a settlement to figure out what to do with the Santa Anna's army. Texas later became a free and independent republic. Sam Houston was commander of the troops in Texas.
  • Victory to Texas, Victory to Mexico

    Victory to Texas, Victory to Mexico
    After 13 days Texas was very outnumbered but killed around 1,000 Mexicans. They managed to hold them off for thirteen days. Although of the defeat, Texas gained momementum from that battle.
    * The Alamo
  • San Jacinto

    San Jacinto
    Sam Houston suprised Santa Anne's troops in a sneak attack. In just 18 minutes Texas killed half the mexican Army. Santa Anne was forced to give Texas its idependence.
  • Texas to the U.S

    Texas to the U.S
    Texas asked to annex with America. The North did not want this to happen because if Texas would become a slave state it would be unbalanced. Also they feared of a war with mexico. In response congress voted against annexation