Texas Revolution

  • land offer

    land offer
    They sold the land to protect the land from the hostile native americans. Because no spanish settlers wanted the land Mexico let Moses Austun start a colony.
  • the old 300

    the old 300
    three hundred family came to this new land and were nicknamed the old three hundred.
  • Slavery in mexican

    Slavery in mexican
    The mexacan goverment outlawed slavery and the farmers got angrey. Austin persuded the mexacan goverment to allow the slave owners to keep there slaves.
  • increasing population

    increasing population
    There is 25000 americans in the colony. They have the tejas out numbered six to one.
  • rebillion

    Austin wrote a letter to the mexican goverment requesting to let them be there own state in the mexacan goverment. When Santa Anna heard he wrote if not we will support making Texas as it owns country he put Austin in jail because he supported a rebillion.
  • The start of the war.

    The start of the war.
    Santa Anna sent troops into texas to take a cannon from a town. They failed to get it and then the Texans force the Mexicans out of the Alamo.
  • the Alamo

    the Alamo
    They fought the battle at the alamo and when mexico said to surrender Juan Seguin and he says he will not surrender.
  • Solders at Goliad

    Solders at Goliad
    The soldiers at Goliad were told to retreat and while they retreat there forces doubled in size.
  • Independence

    They attacked near San Jacinto River. They killed half the Mexacan army on there suprise attack. Sam Houston lead the army on a surprise attack and helped make them surrender. It took them 18 minutes to make them surrender and theys signed a treaty giving texas the independence.
  • The Lone Star Republic

    The Lone Star Republic
    The Texans flytheofficialflag of Texas and gave themselves the nickname The Lone Star Rebulic. Sam Houston was elected president of this new nation.