Texas flag

The Texas Revolution

By rosskai
  • Land Offer

    Land Offer
    To encourage settlement, Spanish government offers large tracts of land to empresarios. Pictured: Moses Austin
  • Period: to

    The Texas Revolution

  • Independence

    Mexico gains independence from Spain. Pictured: Mexico Flag
  • Outlawing Slavery in Mexico

    Outlawing Slavery in Mexico
    Slave owners became angry when Mexico outlawed slavery. Then Moses Austin persuaded the government to let the slave owners keep their slaves.
  • Growing Population

    Growing Population
    By 1830, Moses Austin had attracted many families who were looking to live in Texas with him to escape from the law, start a new life, or look for a chance to grow rich. Soon the population had swelled.
  • Austin plans to rebel

    Austin plans to rebel
    Santa Anna throws Moses Austin in jail for planning to rebel. Austin's followers grow furious.
  • Come and Get It

    Come and Get It
    In 1835, Santa Anna and his troops tried and failed to take a cannon from Texas. Then Santa Anna became angry and sent 6,000 troops to Texas.
  • Declare Independence

    Declare Independence
    Texans met at a settlement to decide what to do about Santa Anna's troops. They decided to declare Texas a free republic and put Sam Houston in command of the Texas army.
    Pictured: Sam Houston
  • The Alamo Battle

    The Alamo Battle
    Mexicans began to attack the Alamo and the Texans held off the Mexicans for 12 days. On the 13th day, Santa Anna ordered 1,800 soldiars to storm the fortress. The Texans soon ran out of ammunition. At the end of the day, only 7 Texans died and 1,000 Mexicans had fallen.
  • After the Alamo Battle

    After the Alamo Battle
    After the battle was over, the Mexicans slaughtered all survivors of the battle. They only spared a few women and children. A total of 183 Alamo defenders died.
  • Winning Independence

    Winning Independence
    In late April, Sam Houston surprised Santa Anna near the San Jacinto river. In 18 minutes, the Texans had killed more than half of the Mexican army. Santa Anna had to sign a treaty giving Texas its independence.
  • Joining the United States

    Joining the United States
    Texas raised the official flag of the independent nation and became nicknamed 'The Lone Star Republic.' Then Texas wanted to be apart of the United States but the government didn't want to have slave states out number free states so the government voted against annexing Texas.