• Emilio Aguiraldo

    He was a person promoting the fact that the war was bad and he helped people showing that it was bad.
  • Rough riders.

    The rough riders weremade up of theodore roosevelt and he was the only one with a horse but they fought in the war.
  • japan

    Japan is a small island that gave the U.S a hard time and it was a small place to go to.
  • Yellow Journalism

    Yellow Journalism was journalist who did not tell the truth about anything and they made things seem believable so their papers could be sold.
  • uss Maine.

    this was the boat that was said to have been destroyed by the spanards but it was nothing but an accident and it was white with gold trim.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    the Monroe doctrine cast out the America as protecter of the western hemispherefo rmuch of the eighteeen hundreds the served as little to none little threat to any thing . this changed following the spanish americzn war.
  • progressivism

    progressivism is whenever the people are wanting to make many kinds of different chacges in the economy and in the way that they are living because of the way that the government is treating them.
  • Jose Marti

    Jose Marti was a journalist who did not tell the truth for anything and he wanted war with spain so he told a lot of lies causeing war.
  • open door policy

    the open door policy allowed america to be able to get the land and it allowed china an dother people to be able to profit off of what the;y shipped off to america that america proffited off of,
  • william randolph hierst

    he did not like what was happening and he made a difference making books and causing strife and showing people that what was happening was wrong.
  • Panama canal

    The Panama Canal was made to make trade and other thing s easier to do by going by boat. this make it faster and it make it cheaper by the thisn g that it could be done easier and yua.
  • Lusitania

    the lusitania was the boat that was bombed or so the americans said and this led to them going crazy and making them want ot kill the spanish american people wanted to do that and so this led to an even worse revoltr and even though the americans knew it was because of the coal powering the ship they wanted to make it a reason that they could go crazier.
  • Zimmerman note

    the zimmerman note was a treaty that led to a bigger revolt against th eother people that made them mad because it never got to the spanish to show of a treatyu so this was dumb but the cubans intercepted the letter showing of a treaty and making it worse for the americans.
  • Dollar diplomacy

    william h taft roosevelts successor expanded us influence in latin america. taft favored substituting dollars for bullets economic influence for military force as a means of protecting us interests in latin america and asia. this policy came to be called dollar diplomacly.
  • Hay buneua treaty

    the victorious rebels quickly set up a new government an ddeclared panama an independent nation the united states recognized the republic o fpanama two days later and hay began negotiating a new canal treaty with panamas special envoy, bunau varilla the hay bunau varillla treaty gave th eunited states complete and unending sovereignty over a ten mile ride canal zone.
  • mexican revolution

    ha wealthy landowner from northern mexico, francisco madero was an unlikely candidate to unify the various oppposition forces he was considered a dreamer and a n idealist his ideas sparked th emexican revolution that toppled diaz dictatorship rebel forces defeated diazs troops cities in northern and central mexico city.
  • Roosevelt Corollorg.

    in nineteen o four president roosevelt made ti clear that he attended to enforce th emonroe doctrine . th dominican republic was unable to pay its european lenders. fearing thatr the europeans would use force to collect the pan hissued th eroosevelt corollary or the monroe doctrine.
  • Dollor Diplomacy

    the dolllor diplomacy is a doctrine hta gave then areason to go for the things that they wanted to gofor and the thing s that theyh did was that they wanted to go for th at gave htem a reason toa go for th ethings that thehgy wanted to go fo rand os on adn so forth and goig fo r thejh things going fo 4th epeo p mekjthat gave them a reaso n for war ad the things that gave them a reason gave them teh things to go for them and given that it was a matte rof time theat they gav ethem there land ba
  • Panama canal

    this gave them another cheaper way to go and trade with the people that live far away from the other people and to go and be able to take more stuff for a cheaper way so it was a good thing that they make the panama canal because it gave them a better thng to do for the peopke so that they didt go hungry for the people could not give them anything and that they could profit off of the people
  • lusitana

    the lusitana was a boat that was white with a gold trim that was make with a very nice coating and that it gave way for a better begginnig and whe n the boat exploded it gave americans a reason to go and blame the spain for the bombing of it and so it mad ethe war even more horrible and so it came that they ended up with a treaty in the en d with that it make them be able to go and stuff liemk tah
  • zimmerman note

    zimmerman note
    the zimmerman note was something that president wilson declared when ever that the people were doing dumb stuff it gave them a way for them ot go on forht and to do thing s that thye could no t do befor e adn thign gave them a way to go for ht and to do things they could not do before